HP Inc. has introduced HP Presence, a new portfolio of conferencing and collaboration solutions, to the Irish market for the first time. The new suite of end-to-end solutions, which includes meeting space solutions, PCs and peripherals has been designed to support better conferencing experiences. With HP Presence, people can truly work together and feel connected, even when they’re not in the same room.

While the shift to hybrid has given people freedom to work from virtually anywhere, the way people work together, both in and out of the office, is changing. To this end, HP has developed a new way of bringing together its PC hardware and software innovations, drawing on its charter for end-to-end collaboration solutions. With advanced collaboration technology embedded into HP devices, workers can feel more connected no matter where they are.

“The world of work is constantly evolving, and in order to keep up, so too must the technology that powers it. As we emerge into this new era of hybrid work, it’s apparent that the pre-pandemic technology we were all so accustomed to simply won’t solve for the way we work now,” said Neil Dover, Country Manager, Ireland at HP Inc. “Similarly, the proposed Right to Request Remote Working Bill has put a renewed focus on the need for more flexible solutions. By embedding artificial intelligence into our portfolio of innovative devices, HP Presence fits the work world of yesterday, empowers the world of today, and is future-proofed to meet tomorrow’s collaboration needs. Protected by HP Wolf Security, users can also collaborate in comfort – without compromise.”

 Introducing HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions

HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions are a suite of scalable, bundled options with hardware and services for meeting spaces of any size – from huddle rooms to large meeting spaces. The meeting space solutions interact intuitively with users to provide an enhanced meeting experience and deliver useful real-time analytics back to IT. The new meeting space solutions also leverage HP’s PC security innovations such as cyber threat protection and camera privacy features, giving IT peace of mind and allowing people to collaborate without fear of being hacked.


HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions create conferencing experiences that make virtual meetings more personal with AI-enhanced audio, cinematic video,and engaging controls. It is also the world’s first conferencing solution that contains ocean-bound plastics.

HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions are curated into small, medium, and large space kits, and scalable to enhance meeting space needs. Every kit includes an HP Presence Mini PC, a HP Presence Control Center, colour-coded cables, and mounting equipment.[iii] The HP Presence Solutions arrive neatly packaged in the same box with a step-by-step setup application, making deployment a breeze. New components include:

  • HP Presence Mini Conferencing PC – High-performance processing powerhouse PC that gives IT peace of mind with HP Wolf Security for Business and integrated management.
  • HP Presence Control and HP Presence Control Plus – Intelligent room controls that put the meeting host in charge with sleek low-profile designs and adaptive AI-enhanced Audio by Bang & Olufsen. HP Presence Control is perfect for huddle rooms to medium-sized meeting spaces, while HP Presence Control Plus can accommodate medium to large meeting spaces. Connect up to three room controls to provide control to more people.
  • HP Presence See 4K AI Camera – This 4K AI camera combines intelligent cinematic audio and video experiences with privacy so users can rest assured the camera is off when it mechanically rotates to face the floor.
  • HP Presence Audio Video Bar – For larger meeting spaces that require more audio and video, this device combines intelligent cinematic video experiences with privacy, and audio custom-tuned by Bang & Olufsen, so people can be seen, heard, and hear clearly in the room, and when video isn’t being used, the privacy shutter closes and shuts the camera off.
  • HP Presence Hub and HP Presence Talk Satellite Microphones – Make sure everyone can be heard in large room deployments with HP Presence Hub, and easily add up to two satellite microphones for additional voice pickup range with an easy-to-see status LED, so people know when mute is on or off.
The HP Presence Meeting Room Space Solutions components are elegantly designed to blend into conferencing spaces while providing elevated audio and video experiences.

It is clear people are feeling the effects of working remotely. As some companies move employees back into the office part time, the change has left employees looking for collaboration experiences that give them a sense of connection. They want to be heard and seen, and don’t want to experience system lags, delays, or other audio and video-related issues. HP Presence Meeting Room Solutions empower people to:

  • Start meetings quickly. Upon entering a meeting room, HP Meeting Ready automatically wakes up the room control and brings the camera to life so people can begin meetings on time. Get started in seconds with one tap to launch a Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting. “Guest Mode” makes it easy to launch meetings with any UC device.
  • Be seen clearly. HP Speaker Frame, a picture-in-picture mode, spotlights in-room speakers so everyone feels like they have a seat at the table. HP Auto Frame puts meeting room attendees into perspective by framing out white space for a better conferencing experience for remote attendees.
  • Move around the room without disrupting the meeting flow. HP Speaker Tracking allows speakers to move around the room while keeping them in frame. Three tracking modes – slow, cinema, fast – accommodate to different presentation styles.
  • Be heard clearly. When the in-room crowd gets loud, HP Auto Volume adjusts the volume for remote attendee speakers so they don’t get drowned out and can still contribute to the discussion. If an in-room speaker talks quietly, loudly, or sits in the back of the room, HP Voice Leveling optimises the volume of the in-room speaker so they can be heard clearly by remote attendees.
  • Request help quickly when you need it. Report a room issue in two seconds. HP Presence Room Assistant makes it easy to report room issues like device issues, missing chairs or markers, clearing catering from a room, and more to IT, facilities, or the café admin.

HP Presence conferencing system utilises HP Meeting Ready detection when people enter the room to wake the system so they can quickly start their meeting. This feature is unique to HP.

HP Speaker Frame, a picture-in-picture mode, spotlights in-room speakers so everyone feels like they have a seat at the table. This feature is unique to HP.

HP Presence Room Assistant can report missing chairs, dry markers, trash, temperature issues, and more in just seconds with just one tap. This feature is unique to HP.

IT teams are looking for solutions to keep their workforce connected, but also solve their manageability and security challenges. HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions empower IT and facilities teams to:

  • Easily set up and deploy for meeting spaces of any size. The tool-free, colour-coded setup with a dedicated setup app allows IT to configure and test the solution and share custom settings remotely. During setup, Bang & Olufsen room calibration creates a custom audio profile dedicated to that space based on size, shape, device placement, and additional room characteristics such as pillars or furniture. In two taps, launch HP Screen Clean to safely wipe[xi] HP Presence Control or HP Presence Control Plus without meeting disruption or interference.
  • Feel confident employees can collaborate securely. IT teams can ensure virtual meetings are protected from cyber-threats with HP Wolf Security for Business and know users can collaborate with strong security. IT can feel confident users’ cameras are off with HP Auto Privacy Camera.
  • Take control of room management. When it comes to room management, HP Presence Manager gives IT visibility to when a new update is available and gives them the control over what updates are applied to which devices and when. The devices also support Windows Update and Teams Admin Center.
  • Proactively resolve potential issues and maximise room productivity with intelligent insights. IT and facilities teams can improve the employee experience with visibility to device health, room issues, and experience metrics. With intelligent analytics, they can consider modifications such as revising room configurations or changing device settings. Customisable dashboards and rich reporting from HP Presence Insights[xiv] helps predict when equipment will fail, allowing IT to proactively resolve potential issues before users notice.


The tool free, colour-coded setup experience combined with the HP Setup App makes deployment easy.


Users and IT can feel confident the camera is off with HP Auto Privacy Camera. HP offers the world’s first conferencing solution smart camera with an automatic sensor-driven privacy shutter.

Launch HP Screen Clean in two taps to safely wipe HP Presence Control or HP Presence Control Plus without disrupting meetings.

Advancing Technology Enhanced by HP Presence

Technology enhanced by HP Presence leverages the best of HP technology, including IP from HP labs, as well as the company’s deep printing and imaging expertise. HP Presence is delivered through a combination of hardware and software engineering to bring audio and video experiences to a more hybrid world. HP offers products enhanced by HP Presence starting with the HP Elite Dragonfly Max and the HP EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One.

The HP Elite Dragonfly Max and HP EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One are the first HP PCs to be enhanced by HP Presence with innovative audio and video experiences.

HP AI-Based Noise Reduction filters not only outbound noise, but inbound noise as well.

Technology enhanced by HP Presence deliver key experiences that allow people to:

  • Look their best on screen no matter the lighting condition. Upgraded camera hardware with integrated lighting enhancements automatically adapts to the lighting conditions of various workspaces. Backlight adjustment detects if there is too much light coming into the camera lens and adjusts to balance out the light. Lowlight adjustment detects if the room is too dark and brightens faces so people can be seen.
  • Break free from their desk and move around while collaborating. HP Auto Frame focuses the camera on the user and keeps them in frame even if they get up to stretch their legs. Three modes – head only, head and shoulders, and upper body – let people choose how they want to be seen and whether they want to use their hands to help express their ideas. Dynamic voice leveling automatically adjusts voice volume so it’s consistent whether the user sits in front of their PC or moves around the room.
  • Hear and be heard clearly no matter the distractions or background sounds. Integrated AI-based noise reduction filters unwanted background noises like doorbells, dogs barking, and sirens from the street, so people don’t have to worry about going off mute. To minimise distractions from background noises by other meeting attendees, the noise reduction technology also filters out their unwanted incoming background noises.
  • Be heard clearly even when wearing a mask. HP AI-based Clear Voice uses technology to identify muffled voices and applies microphone gain to compensate and ensure your original voice is what is heard in a meeting.

 Product List

  • HP Presence Small Space Solution includes the HP Presence Control with Audio and HP Presence Mini Conferencing PC.
  • HP Presence Small Space Solution plus AI Camera includes the HP Presence Control with Audio, HP Presence Mini Conferencing PC, and HP Presence See 4K AI Camera.
  • HP Presence Small Space Solution plus AI Video Bar includes the HP Presence Control without Audio, HP Presence Mini Conferencing PC, and HP Presence Audio Video Bar.
  • HP Presence Medium Space Solution includes the HP Presence Control Plus with Audio and HP Presence Mini Conferencing PC.
  • HP Presence Medium Space Solution plus AI Camera includes the HP Presence Control Plus with Audio, HP Presence Mini Conferencing PC, and HP Presence See 4K AI Camera.
  • HP Presence Medium Space Solution plus AI Video Bar includes the HP Presence Control Plus without Audio, HP Presence Mini Conferencing PC, and HP Presence Audio Video Bar.
  • HP Presence Large Space Solution includes the HP Presence Control without Audio, HP Presence Mini Conferencing PC, and 30-meter USB-C to USB-C cable.
  • HP Presence Hub and HP Presence Talk Satellite Microphones.
  • HP Elite Dragonfly Max and HP EliteOne 800 G8 AiO with HP Presence enhancements.

Devices under the HP Presence portfolio will be available for purchase from 1st May, pricing available on request. For more information about HP Presence, visit https://www.hp.com/ie-en/services/presence/conference-room-solutions.html

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