A subset of casino players does not see betting as a hobby. These people take casino playing as a profession because it helps sustain them. For other casino players, all that’s needed is one big payout. Thus, there have been several searches on the internet about the best gambling strategies that allow players to make lots of money.

Casino operators like Erik King offer bonuses and free spins to attract new players. To retain casino players, many online casinos offer great benefits to new players who can become returning players. The needs of casino players and casino operators meet in the middle.

This article will reveal the most creative gambling strategies to allow you to get maximum winnings.


Top Casino-Playing Tactics to up your Game

Here are gambling tricks to up your game:

  • Always Pick up the Free Spins

Most of the online casinos available today offer free spins to new players. This process allows a newbie to get acclimatized to a typical casino environment. When you start with a new game and don’t like it, you can use free spins on another one.

Players like to stake real money in a game they believe they can win. With free spins, new players can get settled into the feel of the game. This way, they become used to it.

You’d win more after playing casino games with free spins and switching to real money. Playing so many times at first would allow you to create your strategy.

  • Select the Best Games

You need to do proper research on an online casino game before you stake real money. The first step to achieving this is to check out hacks that intermediate and experts have used on those games.

You also need to know the number of games offered, the types of bonuses (and the conditions accompanying them), and the odds. This knowledge will allow you to make better decisions on the games you’d prefer to stake money.

Another factor that needs consideration is knowing how the game performs on that particular casino website. You can do this by searching for the opinions of players that have played that particular game in your required online casino.

  • Understand the Charge System

The different payment systems in an online casino attract various charges. You’d not want to become shocked at the charges when you get your winnings. Thus, understanding the charging system in an online casino should be a primary requirement.

For example, the charge percentage is usually quite high when you choose the bank transfer option. This isn’t the fault of the online casino website. The fact is that conventional banks typically try to take a big cut off the casino operator and the casino player.

There are two options you can use to avoid high bank charges. The first is an online wallet. The charge with this option is lower than a bank transfer. The second is a cryptocurrency wallet. With this option, you could experience zero fees on withdrawals. Typically, using the cryptocurrency option offers significantly lower charges.

Cryptocurrency also comes with a significant advantage which is increased cybersecurity on payments

  • Risk Management

Practicing risk management is key to winning money consistently in casinos. It is highly unlikely that professional casino players utilize no risk management strategy.

The first step to risk management is depositing an amount you can afford to lose. You need to decide that if you lose all your money, you won’t be depositing another amount to offset the loss.

Second, every time you want to take a bet, stick with a particular percentage of your total deposit. For instance, if you have a total of $2000 in your online casino account, stake 5% of your deposit for each bet. That equals $100. This protects you against very large losses.

Imagine if you staked $1000 on each game. Losing half your deposit in a single game would destabilize you. Trying to make back the money would push you into making another $1000 bet. If another loss occurs, you lose your entire deposit.

You’ll want to keep track of all your winnings made in the casino. That way, you’d be sure that you’ve aggregated a profit or loss.



Every day, casino players are constantly searching for ways to make more money from betting. The best casino-playing tactics include risk management, understanding the fee system, selecting the best games, and using free spins to create a gaming strategy.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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