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Bone conducting headphones are now a more common sight these days and becoming more visible in store and are a new approach to the audio experince we have tested several now at this stage and the latest offering from Naenka deliver here with their higher end model and are ideal for those who jog,cycle, do fitness and even swimmers they have a simple product with simple to use controls and overall makes it a simple product to use and enjoy no matter the use case you might want them for.

How Bone Conduction Headphones Send Signals to Your Brain?

Some creative minds found a way to make the sound waves pathway much easier, i.e. through bones. They are transmitted directly to the cochlea when the sound waves cause the head’s bones to vibrate, which further transmits the electrical impulses through auditory nerves to the brain. The impulses that reach the brain are the same that reach the ear. The technology has proven to be effective for people who have hearing impairments. The technology is even used to treat hearing loss in the medical field. 

On board you get 8GB of storage which is a first I have seen in such headphones and this is great meaning whilst out on a jog or down at the gym you do not need your phone with you, they do have a proprietary connector which is always a bug bear for me mostly seen on smartwatches but you can forgive this caveat with all the other features on offer.

The build quality is great here and robust and will last after putting them through their paces for about a month they have been in the rain, in the gym and out on my bike and have not had one issue given they have been dropped a few times. Also worth noting they are great to have in your car too. Battery life is decent enough with around 240 hours of standby time and 6-8 hours of play

The sound quality is also quite good offering several formats of music files such as WAV FLAC APE WMA and MP3 with up to 1500 songs storage which is quite good if you ask me and more than enough for a few hours use doing workouts and so on.

You can also listen to your surroundings here to which is important for many these days but with the brighter nights now upon us it will not be that much of an issue, if you are with a group of friends out jogging or walking you can listen them and your music and podcasts on the go.

Naenka Bone Conduction Runner Pro Open Ear Wireless Headphones techbuzzireland

The 16mm drivers deliver decent sound too and one of the better of the few I have tried here in recent times and they do not annoy your passenger seated beside you on the bus or train for example. They are comfortable to wear to and after a few minutes you would forget they are there in fact.

The controls are great and simple here you have two buttons basically and you can take calls,higher and lower the volume skip and reverse tracks and also use your chosen voice assistant and the tactile buttons work really well all on one side making it super easy to use and easy to make the right selection.

Overall these are a well made easy to use product with and IP68 rating making them usable anywhere and easy to do so at that.

Check out the Naenka Lite Pro real hands on review where we show you the product and how they work and no stock images for context


Runner Pro Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphone

Born for sports   

IP68 Professional sports waterproof bone conduction non – ear black technology             

can be wear while swimming and bathing 

Built-in 8G memory card

16mm large speaker driver, sound quality is shocking and layered

33g Lightweight device 

The signal is as stable as wired

Comfortable wearing

plus size speaker drive

A new generation of vibration reduction technology   

high performance of Sound.

Multiple layers of protection to maintain performance in harsh environments.

Seamless injection molding, integrated molding, to avoid water seepage magnetic suction contact charging change the traditional charging interface without liquid accumulation, anti-oxidation nano-coating on the chip to isolate water vapor

One-key switch between memory mode and Bluetooth mode

8G large capacity storage 1500+ music

WAV, FLAC, APE, MP3, WMA music format support

13mm high frequency resolution is thorough  13mm low and medium frequency dive surging

*The above data comes from laboratory tests, and the actual use environment and equipment are different, there will be slight differences

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