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Jabra have recently released three pair of earbuds to the market and the Elite 4 Actic is the latest edition to hit the shelves and coming in under 140 euro you can see what they have done here, with sub 100 euro offerings and two more expensive pairs they have created a nice portfolio to suit everyone here which is a good thing as it does give us choice and features to pick from but how do these fair out against the rest of the line up and what else is out there.

The Elite 4 Active in my view are an excellent mid range pair or earbuds and also having the better sound tipping towards the 7 series models and for me this is a good thing, you may be down on some features but again there is now 4 pairs to pick from at all price points but the sound from these is super at the price, I am not comparing these to Apple products as I am sick and tired of everyone using them as a standard benchmark when they are not so Apple fans if you have a problem with that you know what to do, there is better earbuds out there that cost less and a long time ago for the price and Jabra like many others fall into this bracket.

Set up on these is simple again with a nice new pop up window showing on your phone this time around unless I have missed this in the past but nice to see, In the personalise your headset option you will see you can now personalise your ANC mode, the rest is as before minus the fitting set up. Again the app is great and giving you a better overall experience.

Once set up you are good to go and then sit back and enjoy the great audio experince you will get by the new Elite 4 Active, these have a great sound and even sound a bit deeper than their more expensive counterparts and in some instances even better, for me they had a wider range and deeper tones and gives the more expensive models a run for their money,highs lows and mids are fine and punchy and off course a nice level of bass present not forgetting you can of course use the Sound Plus app to enhance the listening experience even more,comfort is also fine here calls are excellent and both can be used individually which many folk like to have this as an option.. No lag latency was noted during my usual test loop..

Overall there is not much more to say here being frank these are the ones to buy if you have the above needs and is on a budget as they com close to their top tier models when it comes to sound and that alone seals it for me not forgetting the benefits of the app too.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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