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Looking for some cheap earbuds that are certainly ones that stand out with looks and colour well these might just be up your street and at a price of 25 euro they are pretty decent with sound at that price it must be said, for 25 euro you can pick up earbuds these days from your local petrol station and more but a known brand though? Not so much, Skullcandy are a well known brand and we have been testing their products for years and they are quite consistent. Having seen these advertised in LIDL last week we decided to go pick some up and check them out, the Skullcandy Dime launched back in March this year in other colour variants and interesting but these colours we just had to check out and go full hands on due to the Irishness involved here.. We are a fan of Skullcandy and their headphones are some of the best out there especially ones like the Skullcandy Crusher Evo one of their latest earbuds the Skullcandy Push Active IQ, just like all our reviews we go real hands on without the stock image no context approach and check out both pairs of these new additional colours so we can see what it is you get for your money which in this case is not much to shell out.

Build and design and looks

These are quite small earbuds and with big hands they might be a bit awkward to control, however there is a theme going on be it a cadbury creme egg wrapper or Lidl colours and a remote fob for a car they certainly stand out for me and you will get noticed with them on that is for sure, they are one of the smallest earbuds I have tried in some time. When I say they are small that they are, in fact the size of my thumb nail as you will see in the video, Big hands do get in my way sometimes and here is a fine example.

skullcandy dime in case techbuzzireland
skullcandy dime in case techbuzzireland


Given the size of them they fit rather well and will not fall out you get extra tips in the box which is of course expected and a nice micro USB cable with a plastic end on the USB-A side rather than metal to charge them with they have a tiny stem which helps secure them that little bit more. You also get an IPX 4 rating thrown in.


You have the basics here and access to their app too which is limited, you can skip and reverse tracks, play and pause music and change the volume which is enough for most people and you can control calls.. There is one button on each earbud that controls the lot keeping it simple. However app access at this price point is unheard of even though there is little on offer it is something to take note of.


They sound decent enough for the price it has to be said and if it is your first pair of earbuds you can’t really go wrong in fairness, highs lows and mids fine no distortion on max volume and do not sound tinny they do a good job listening to music watching Netflix and more so you should be pleased with the audio experience. Distortion and a tinny sound is a key attribute at low priced earbuds but this is not the case here which is something to take note of.

skullcandy dime closed case
skullcandy dime closed case

You could argue there is a novelty factor here due to the colorway but some folk like something different, there is no partnership here with LIDL or Cadbury and the colours just happen to be right for those companies but LIDL did have their own brand trainers before and if a company was to partner with the company it would cost a pretty penny taking away the price these are available for now but this is just one of those cases it is what it is and coincidence and nothing more but nonetheless a talking point for many and my inboxes on my social media has had some funny messages and also some of irrational thoughts which I will be sharing on Twitter soon for some fun and perhaps silence a few at the same time.


• Up to 12 Hours of Battery Life – Listen longer with 3.5 hours of battery life in the earbuds and 8.5 hours in the charging case

• True Wireless via Bluetooth® 5.0

• Microphones in Each Bud – Use either bud solo without losing the ability to take calls

• Full Suite of Media Controls on the Buds – Take calls, change tracks, adjust volume controls and activate native device assistants (Google, Siri, etc.) without ever touching a phone

• Auto On/Connect – Enjoy automatic turn on and pairing with the last device used

• Noise-Isolating Fit – Experience supreme sound with expertly selected and tuned microphones and drivers

• IPX4 Sweat and Water Resistance – Go on an adventure without missing a beat

• Integrated Lanyard – Rely on secure portability that protects the charge case and buds from drops

• Micro-USB Charging Case with Snap Lid

 From Skullcandy  Buy from Lidl

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