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I go through many earbuds here, in fact the most true wireless earbuds in Ireland for any tech review site here and every now and them something different comes along and I genuinely say to myself “these are something different” and this is the case for the new Skullcandy Push Active Skull-iQ which I have been testing a while now and you will get to see why in our full real hands on video review below, for context we like to show you more than stock images and show you the products we review so you get a better idea of what you are getting.

So what makes these different you may ask me, Well there is two things here that make these different apart from their great sound and we will go into this as we go on here in the review..

Build and design.

These come in a larger than usual case which is fine with me and it stands out once opened up with a nice bright Orange and Black look to it, the case is nice to hold, might be to big for some but overall it is a solid case to protect your earbuds and the magnets inside are strong too and the earbuds will not fall out. These also come with an IP55 rating which is Sweat and Water Resistance.

Skullcandy Skull-iQ techbuzzireland
Skullcandy Push Active Skull-iQ techbuzzireland

Comfort and fit

These also fit really well too and have over ear hooks that goes around the ear and will not fall out of your ears,even for the most active folk and can be worn jogging or in the gym, there is one button on each side for controls but they have a new trick up their sleeve and buttons do not have to be used at all and you can just say “Hey Skullcandy” to do what you need them to do, more on this in the video below you need to see this in action.


At the price you pay here you get great sound however no ANC but this is fine with the really secure fit you will not hear much going on outside anyway unless outdoors in a noisy environment, with my ususal test loop they performed really well, highs lows and mids are fine and a good balance overall and then you have the app to play around with too with the EQ settings and also edit the button controls too which is excellent.

Hey Skullcandy

Users can simply  say, “Hey Skullcandy” to initiate seamless voice control. They can then give commands to play or pause  content, accept or reject calls, turn on Stay-Aware Mode for enhanced safety and even launch Spotify. Through a  partnership with the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service, Skullcandy is the first to provide  voice-activated Spotify Tap™ access. A simple, “Hey Skullcandy, Spotify” voice command enables the most  frictionless way to access music and podcasts, or users can press a button on their earbuds to activate. Skull-iQ also makes it easy to issue audio commands directly to a device’s personal voice assistant without any additional  setup. These game-changing convenience features are ideal for anyone seeking added flexibility, but especially  important for active lifestyle users engaged in activities like snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding and  more.

As they say above this is the one of the new features I really like and it works well as you will see in our video review below and not only this you can use your earbuds as a remote shutter for your phones camera and this is something else I really like and something that will be very handy for people out there..

skullcandy iQ techbuzireland


These are a super pair of earbuds for the price you pay and the features you get, there is some exclusions like auto play and pause and no wireless charging however this is fine there is fast charge and with the features aside that these are something for the more active folk or anyone in fact to consider looking at.


Push Active True Wireless Earbuds – £69.99 MSRP.

  • Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology – Issue simple, hands-free voice commands to take calls, change tracks,  adjust volume, turn on Stay-Aware Mode, activate device assistant, launch Spotify Tap, and more. • Over-the-Air Updates – Update earbuds via the Skullcandy App to add new features for enhanced functionality  and added value.
  • Premium Audio Quality – Experience supreme sound thanks to expertly-tuned acoustic drivers, dual  noise-reducing microphones for natural and clear call quality and a noise-isolating fit.
  • Up to 44 Hours of Battery Life – Listen longer with 10 hours of battery life in the earbuds and 34 hours in the  charging case.
  • USB-C Rapid Charging Case – For 10 minutes spent in the case, receive 2 hours of battery life. • True Wireless via Bluetooth® 5.2.
  • Auto On/Connect – Enjoy automatic turn on and pairing with the last device used.
  • IP55 Sweat and Water Resistance – Go on any adventure without missing a beat.
  • Built-in Tile™ Finding Technology – If an earbud is misplaced, simply ‘ring’ it from the Tile app.

For more information on Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology as well as Push Active True Wireless Earbuds,  visit

See the video below for more context and how they work.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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