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By Tara Gale, Client Solutions Product Manager, Dell Technologies Ireland

With the festive season fast approaching, people across Ireland will be spending significant time purchasing gifts for loved ones online. It is expected that this year’s holiday season will be another year of record-breaking online sales.

We often spend so much time on our chosen e-commerce platform, that it never crosses our minds what happens behind the scenes. There are many threats online, especially during this time of year, and it’s very important to make sure that as you navigate shopping online, you are doing so safely.

Often, we get excited to purchase and open a brand-new device that we forget how we can make use of our old one. Have you thought about recycling your old version or extending the battery life of your current tech gadget? At Dell Technologies, we are here to help guide you to safely shop for new tech, dispose of the old and keep powered up over the festive period.


The convenience of the internet continues to create new opportunities for online shopping by ways of apps, microsites and so on. However, it’s also a time of year when experts see an uptick in cyberattacks. With both An Garda Síochána and Europol recently warning businesses and shoppers of the dangers of ransomware in the lead-up to Christmas[1], consumers should stay vigilant and follow these tips to stay protected while online shopping:

  • Be sure to use a secure website by looking at the URL (https://)
  • Avoid making purchases on public computers and public Wi-Fi as they may contain malicious software and are not secured
  • Ensure you have a strong password or passphrase, consisting of numbers, letters and special characters
  • Never reuse or recycle passwords and use multi-factor authentication whenever possible
  • Never click on suspicious links


You successfully got through the online shopping experience for your new device, now what?

Data is often stored on the hard-drive of your PC or computing device. So, when it’s time to make that holiday upgrade to a powerful new system you’ve had your eyes on, you’ll want to safely remove your personal files and information from your old device before disposing of it.

For this, you have options. Some computers already have data removal software. For Dell computers, many models include the Dell Data Wipe feature built into the System Setup. Other brands may have similar software. If your computer does not have software to erase the hard drive, there is software you can purchase.

Once you have removed your files from the computer, what should you do with it? We see out-of-use devices as a valuable resource, one that can go on to be refurbished, reused or recycled. We believe in working with industry to advance sustainability by recycling materials needed to produce our devices.

Through Dell Technologies, we make it simple for our consumers to participate in one of our free consumer recycling programs – taking back any brand, in any condition. In Ireland for example, if your computer is a bit older or no longer working, our Return to Dell mail-back service offers free recycling, even covering the cost of shipping.


Whether you are closer to home or on the road to visit loved ones over the holiday break, I understand the obstacles that come with technology on the road and the feeling when your battery life runs out along the way. Now that you have your new laptop up and running, let’s make sure the battery life will last as long as possible during your travels this festive season. Here are a few quick tips that may help conserve some battery time:

  • Power off your device before placing it in a laptop bag or other enclosed area.
  • Always use the original AC adapter provided with the laptop. Do not use third-party AC adapters or batteries.
  • Reduce the brightness of the screen.
  • Reduce the amount of open software.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. If the system is exposed to extreme cold or hot temperatures, allow it to reach normal temperature before use and before charging.

When it comes to online shopping it’s important not to lose sight of the dangers, even more so in the coming days and weeks. Whether you are buying a new device or disposing of old one, take note of all of the above and make your online shopping experience safe and sustainable.

From everyone at Dell Technologies Ireland, enjoy the festive season.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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