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Most people have plenty of tech in their homes like smart speakers,bulbs and so on and these are great but what protection do these give you in the home? ZERO protection to be frank about it and whilst there is tech out there and we will be touching on a few products that do so and the first up is the Airthings Mini Wave air quality monitor which is a simple easy to use and set-up product that can be placed anywhere in the house.

This is a simple small puck shaped device in which you simply download an app set up then just leave it sat in the best placed position you might find it in your own home this can be put anywhere and you will see this in the app set-up as you go through the process, you can also have more than one of these in your home too, you can also get pollen levels thrown in for good mix in the app, the app is simple to use too which is great and that is all there is to it.

In the app you will see in the video below is what you will be given and what the app does for you, on the top you will see 4 icons then further down you can get a daily breakdown and more and the activity feed will be across the bottom. The product measures air quality VOC, temp and mold risk which is really important.

You can simply wave across the front of the device too if you like to get a quick idea of what the air quality is like and you get a light on the bottom of the unit this indicates the current status there and then, the app has a dashboard which is easy to understand and here is where you can get all the stats in one place.

Notifications on your smartphone for Airthings.

About the product

Airthings Wave Mini is your indoor air quality companion, allowing you to visualize the health and comfort levels of the indoor air quality in every room. Monitor mould risk, temperature, humidity and airborne chemicals (VOCs) to help with asthma, allergies, sleep and overall health.

When a room’s environment becomes less than optimal, Wave Mini will provide insights into the VOCS, chemical’s and odor levels in your air. The Wave Mini is the perfect, cost-effective first step into understanding your indoor air quality. Air quality and temperature vary drastically from room to room and the only way to reach optimal comfort and health is to measure in every room, luckily this lightweight device is wireless and portable so you can move it freely around your home getting the most from your wave mini.


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