At techbuzz over the years we have reviewed a variety of encrypted storage devices. This one ups the game in terms of the physical size with storage of 256 Gb with the Hardware Encryption security for a usb flash drive.  The kit looks like a cigarette lighter, slightly bigger with a keypad and display on the front for entering digits. The packaging while simplistic in design had all the usual specifications and compatibility listed. The material is strongly made of an epoxy coating for the chip and flash protects it from physical intrusion from water (IP67 rating) with an excellent transfer rate of data.




Install & setup

It is important to read the quick start guide, instructions which consist of plug in, change the password and use, but caution on using an overly complex password as like the old phones, having to press a few times to get a letter to pop up. This is displayed on the actual lcd display which is a positive. Passwords must contain a minimum of 8 characters. This should consist of a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters for your password. Some examples of invalid passwords are: ‘78901234’, ‘43210987’, ’12345678’, ‘1111111.

Installation took less than a minute to set up a new password. Due to the physical length of the flash drive it is recommended to keep the laptop stationary to ensure it is not damaged if moving around.

Advanced user or group admin can use a Safe Console,

This has a group policy which can control all the relevant memory sticks as the administration to include a SilentKill code which would allow the unit to be configured to Self-Destruct if triggered.


Control panel


Datalocker have provided various support options should it be required

  • Information, knowledgebase articles, and video tutorials
  • Feedback and feature requests
  • General information
  • Warranty information

See techbuzz video link for speed transfer rates which are in line with the manufacturers transfer speeds (Speed USB 3.2: – 150MB/S Read, 100MB/s Write)



Most students in the first year of college will be advised on the importance of having a backup while the hybrid model of working increases the risks of taking data off site.

GDPR will have made most of the IT networks aware of the consequences of a lost data in terms of travelling with data and taking work home, companies are constantly at risk from unprotected data on an unsecured USB flash drive.  Many millions of unprotected USB drives are lost / stolen every year

The implications can be immense: lost reputation, lost jobs, lost profits, customer data, financial information, business plans, confidential information are only some examples of the data that are usually stored and transported.  The question then becomes not if to use an encrypted pen drive, rather what type of model and size or to use an alternative method in the cloud. The K350 has an easily navigated keyboard which is password protected, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, encrypted USB drive with a display screen that makes setup and operation for the non-technical people while providing all the advanced features which may be expected to be set up by a security team.

Datalocker Sentry k350
Datalocker Sentry k350 connected to pc techbuzzireland

The advanced feature would suit those of an enterprise nature but can also be used as an individual.  Datalocker is separated from many other encrypted devices via the option to remotely manage a fleet of devices via safe control. Many people may consider speed, copy, and write as a major factor for a usb key, this should not be the primary consideration, rather looking at an overview People Process and Technology.  Typically, people are the weak link which means the easier for a person to use the product the better chance it will be used as required. The 3-year warranty is also a major factor to ensure quality, reliability to ensure if a problem the data is backed up and can be restored. Datalocker has a variety of secure encrypted devices up to 7.6TB capacity in some of their models which we hope to get our hands on for future reviews.

Overall excellent quality build, 3-year warranty, ticks the encryption standards, easy to use which the option to expand as required, and excellent decision should a device go missing

“This could be the best choice made this year if a device goes missing “


Check the video below for more



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