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High-Res Certified, titanium diaphragm drivers, Noise-cancelling chip with dual mics, multi-compatibility and 24 bit decoding produces natural, immersive sound quality.

Edifier® International, renowned for their award-winning consumer audio electronics and product design, launch the new EDIFIER GX – a high fidelity gaming headset that produces truly immersive audio.

With the intention of placing individuals at the very centre of their gaming experience, Edifier have created a headset that focuses on the transportive qualities of audio. Utilising the Edifier’s full range of expertise, the GX gives users a memorable and unique listening experience. Hear the fizzing of bullets and skipping of steps; feel the rumble of a 1969 Mustang, bursting out of the starting blocks, and shudder at the sounds of some far away shrieking – the GX delivers near absolute fidelity that gamers will adore.

From casual to experienced pros, Edifier’s GX headset provides a range of premium features and lasting multi-use functionality at an affordable, competitive price point.

With new 50mm titanium diaphragm drivers, designed by Edifier’s renowned team of audio engineers, a frequency response of 20Hz-40KHz and a 24-bit decoder, the GX produces almost true-to-life audio fidelity. Gamers will appreciate the headset’s capabilities in picking up the slightest of details, whilst maintaining a dynamic, engaging and bright sound.

With rolling volume controls, a retractable microphone and RGB lights, there’s an ergonomic and aesthetically-conscious thread that runs throughout the design of the GX. The soft leatherette ear cups and sturdy headband make for a comfortable fit, suitable for all day (and night) sessions. Whilst the GX’s three in-built interfaces – USB-C, USB, and 3.5mm – make it perfect for multiple uses; from leisurely mobile gaming to hardcore PC players.

To also help gamers improve their communication and call-outs during intense matches and heated co-op sessions, an advanced Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) chip utilises dual mics to isolate your voice from unwanted distractions. Without interruptions, gamers are free to completely submerge themselves in what they’re playing, helping to create a more lasting and enjoyable experience.

Converging the needs of gamers with the high quality audio standards of Edifier, the GX is a superb option for those looking to step their gaming up a level. With a unique focus on audio fidelity and an equally strong focus on producing usable and enduring functionality, the GX is an exciting and dynamic choice suitable for a wide range of individuals.

Main Features:

New 50mm titanium diaphragm drivers deliver crystal-clear sound with Hi-Res audio

Rolling volume control, retractable microphone, and RGB lights for a high-tech look and feel

High quality headband with soft leatherette ear cups for all-day comfort

96kHz/24 bits decoding for natural sound and total immersion in game/music mode

Noise-cancelling chip with dual mics isolating you from unwanted noise for better clarity

Three types of interfaces: compatible with PC, Laptop, Smart Phone, Pad, PS4 and other gaming devices




Frequency response


Driver unit

Φ50mm dynamic Unit





Product weight




Price & Availability:

Available for £74.99 on – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0999CQFRH 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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