Your laptop is a very important tool when preparing to write your academic paper. It is the tool you use to connect to the internet and search for information sources. After getting all your information, you save it on your laptop for use during the writing process. 

Someone might access your laptop and copy all your sources to use them for their academic work. Your files can get corrupted and lead to data loss. You can also accidentally delete your data and your laptop’s hard disk can fail. Many things can lead to loss of your data and that is why you should protect your laptop from such incidences. 

You can accidentally delete your data

During research for your academic paper, you will gather a lot of information from multiple sources. After you complete your research, you will go through your data and separate what you are likely to use and what you might not need. Before you start to write your paper, you might feel there is no need to keep data that you will not use and delete it. 

Human is to error and you can accidentally delete the important data. If your computer recycles bin is full, the data will be permanently deleted. It is also possible that liquid accidentally spills on your laptop and you lose data too. To protect data loss, always have a backup copy or copies. Double-check your files before deleting them and confirm it’s the right file you want to delete. 

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Someone else can steal or intentionally delete your data

Some people are jealous and they feel irritated when they see or think someone else is succeeding more than them. Another person might be lazy and fail to research on their paper. They might plan to steal data or paper from another student. 

To prevent this from happening, always use passwords to restrict access. Always keep your laptop safe under lock and key and use system-wide data encryption. Your data will look scrambled if someone tries to access it. 

Viruses can cause data loss

Viruses can easily infect your laptop, especially if you access many unsafe websites or connect your laptop with an unsafe external hard disk. Viruses can change your files, making them impossible to use while others might delete them. Some other viruses affect your operating system and lead to system failure. 

Protect your data from being attacked by viruses by installing strong antivirus protection. Make sure your antivirus is updated regularly to keep it up to date. Always have a backup copy and, if possible, work from the cloud, such as Google Docs


Your hard disk or system might fail

Computer hard drives fail due to various reasons. It can overheat, become exposed to a strong magnetic field, power surge, damaged after accidental fall, fire, water, etc. Files can also get corrupted, or the system fails and you lose your data. In some instances, it might be impossible to recover data after the system or hard disk fails. Have several backups in external disks and do back up every time you update your data. 

Your laptop can be stolen

Someone might steal your laptop to go and try to access your data. They might also steal to go and sell or use it for their work. If this happens, all your data will get lost. Try to keep your laptop safe to prevent theft. Take another step and do full disk encryption or use software that can enable you to delete your data remotely. You can use your operating system settings to enable find my laptop to help you track it down. 


Many reasons can lead to the loss of your data during the research and writing process of your academic paper. Your computer system might fail, the hard disk can crash, you can accidentally delete your data and someone else might steal your data or laptop. Keep your laptop protected using passwords, use full system encryption, and install antivirus software. You can also use application protection, enable find my laptop and always keep your laptop under lock and key. 

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Alisia Stren works for an academic institute and is part of a team that tests and reviews academic software and tools for introducing them in classroom teaching. She’s a brilliant academic writer as well and has done some great essays for a digital library. She enjoys meditating, watching hockey games and reading historical fiction in her free time.

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