The edtech Magikbee announced that its popular kids’ video app KiddZtube  undertook a rebrand and is now called KidsBeeTV. 

KidsBeeTV borrows the “Bee” from the parent brand Magikbee, and is deeply  committed to being “The kids’ app that cares”. Like bees help plants grow, the new  brand wants to have a positive impact in kids’ development. 

“We needed a brand that clearly expressed our values – family fun, positive education  and diversity. We have more than a safe, fun and educational app for kids. We have an  interactive video experience that sparks imagination and curiosity. And we also care a  lot about parents. They can monitor kids’ activity, questions answered, and, to protect  

their kids from being too much time in front of a screen, daily time limits can be  setup”, explains Hugo Ribeiro, Magikbee’s CEO. 

KidsBeeTV, a global brand with a global  message 

In the last few years, there was a major growth in the offer of streaming services for  kids. Magikbee needed to stand out showing what makes it different.  

The name change is accompanied by a refresh on the brand’s visual identity, with a  new colorful palette that suggests diversity, in line with its global expansion strategy.  The USA and the Middle East are the two main markets of KidsBeeTV, but the app  has customers worldwide in more than 200 countries. That is why it needed to build  a diversified catalog: to answer to a variety of kids’ interests and to meet the  demands of a growing worldwide community of parents that seek to find content  that respects cultural differences and, at the same time, resonates a universal  language. 

Magikbee has been licensing content for KidsBeeTV from the best studios and  content producers. The most recent agreements were inked with studios like  Millimages (Molang and Mouk), Twist Animation (TuTiTu), Xilam (Where’s Chicky) or  Aurora World (Yoohoo and Friends). Some youtubers, like Caletha Playtime and  Get Matt, are also making their way into the app, but, contrary to what happens on  the social network, there are no videos with unboxings or product placement – only  positive meaningful messages are allowed to pass KidsBeeTV filters conducted by  teachers.  

Videos curated by teachers, quiz questions  on top 

Good-quality, engaging and age-appropriate videos continue to be the core of the  app. The videos are curated by teachers and other specialists, and to make the  experience less passive, the app offers pop-up quiz questions (ABC, Colors,  Counting, Language, Maths, Science, among others) on top of the videos. 

“For more than a decade, YouTube was almost synonymous with video streaming. At  the time we started our platform, it made sense to present it as a safe alternative to  YouTube for young kids. The name “kiddZtube” reflected that mission. But now our  mission is broader”, says Hugo.

Hugo came up with the idea for the app because of a challenge he was facing as a  parent: finding a safe environment for his daughters to watch good-quality videos  without the risk of crossing paths with inappropriate or even disturbing content,  such as the violent parodies of Peppa Pig and other cartoons widely reported a  couple of years ago. 

As he deepened in the searches, he found that there was a need for wider curation.  

Kids learn best when they are having fun 

“We know the importance learning in the early years plays on kids’ development and  we are committed to helping them discover their abilities and reach their full potential.  This is not a curriculum-based app, nevertheless, we do have curriculum-based  entertainment and activities. The main purpose of the app is to be fun. Being  educational is a natural consequence of the kind of content we hand-pick and the way  we choose to present it to the kids. They learn best when they are having fun”, tells  Hugo. 

The platform features now more than 500 hours of video and plans to add more IPs  monthly aimed at kids up to 8 years old. Having no ads and an image-based  interface, it is perfect for young kids, especially toddlers and preschoolers. 

Website – KidsBeeTV
App Stores: iOS | Google Play | Amazon

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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