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New research from Bumble, the popular women-first dating app, shows that this July is due to be the most popular time of year to date for Irish people, with 54% of singles lining up dates to take place over the August bank holiday.

Bumble have coined this dating revival ‘Bank Holi-dating’, as singles across Ireland look to make use of the bank holidays to meet new people.

The research found that over half (54%) of Irish singletons are busy lining up dates to take place over the August Bank Holiday weekend, with a quarter saying that the bank holiday is the best time to go out on a date.  Keen to make up for lost time, 39% aren’t even waiting for the long weekend to head out to meet someone new, they are already plotting and planning.

The great news is that the vibes are good 😊. 38% are feeling optimistic about dating, 36% say they are excited, and over half, (55%), feel that things have evolved so much now in Ireland that there will be less judgement about meeting people from dating apps as restrictions ease. So it seems that friends and family mean a great deal to us (even if some have spent a LOT of extra time with family this year!). However, over half of those surveyed said they would cancel on friends and family to go on a date, with pretty much all other European countries saying they would, according to Bumble’s research.

Ready to live life to the fullest, almost half (46%) would meet up with potential love interests after two weeks of talking, with men much keener to meet up sooner than women. Women want to spend more time getting to know the person before meeting than men do. Thanks to Bumble’s video dating feature, it looks like the video dating that took place during covid is here to stay?

After three lockdowns, single Irish people are calling on the powers that be to lend a helping hand when it comes to finding love this summer. Over a third (36%) say that work should give a free half day on the Friday before the bank holiday, and another one in three want more holidays during the summer to give them enough time to socialise and go on dates.

When it comes to dating, singletons are dating once more, 54% saying they go on 1 or 2 dates a week.

Naomi Walkland, Bumble’s Head of UK and Ireland said, “Last year, ahead of lockdown fully lifting in June, we saw people using the Bumble app more as they got ready to date again. This year, we think it will come a little sooner with people looking to make use of the two long weekends in May to meet new people. We anticipate that Bank Holi-dating will be the biggest dating trend, with people looking to take control of their dating lives this spring and make up for lost time ahead of summer.”


As people look to date more over the bank holiday, tips from Bumble show how you can make your Bumble profile stand out and help you bank holi-date over the long weekend.

  1. The best photos are recent and show a slice of your actual life; if your dog is the center of your world, include a cute snap of you and the pup. And the more photos, the better. Top photo suggestions are showcasing your everyday life and selfies (62%) and getting dressed up (31%). Research also shows since 2020 we have seen the decline of the gym snap… finally


  1. Opt for what you do want vs. what you don’t. It’s also a good rule of thumb to avoid including what you aren’t looking for (e.g., “not seeking anything serious” “no drinkers”). Instead, reframe your bio to emphasize what you DO want, like casual dates with fellow sober folks. Including things you could potentially have in common provides people with the tools to make an informed decision and also helps start a conversation


  1. Take advantage of the badges on Bumble to add details while saving precious bio space. Adding a Badge to your Bumble profile – like if you have pets or your zodiac sign – is super easy and increases your chance of matching by up to 70%*. If you’re looking for a serious relationship you can also filter potential matches to streamline who appears for you

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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