There are mobile apps for everything these days, and for the majority of people, they rarely go a day without using them. The sports betting industry, in particular, has seen a massive surge in recent years of punters preferring to have a flutter on the go. This article takes a look at the most popular types of betting apps and how they’ve changed the way modern customers wager on sports.

Horse Racing Betting Apps

Alongside football, horse racing is the most popular sport for betting in the UK. The majority of horse racing betting apps, which you can find if you go to, are integrated into the bookmaker’s full sportsbook. However, there are a couple of dedicated apps now available purely for racing enthusiasts. 

Sports Betting Apps

Sports betting apps provide punters with thousands of betting opportunities at their fingertips. They offer dozens of sports, with events coming from all over the globe. Previously, these apps were viewed as an optional extra as most online bettors tended to use PCs and laptops, but that isn’t the case anymore. This shift in consumer behaviour has led to the leading betting sites putting more emphasis on improving the user experience for mobile punters.

Benefits of Mobile Betting Apps

Every bettor is an individual, and they value the benefits of mobile betting apps independently. However, here are some of the advantages we associate with these apps, and by default, it’s altered the way thousands of people bet on their favourite sports and racing events.


Rarely are we without our phones. They go with us everywhere – many even take them to the toilet, which highlights how attached we have become to these devices. The benefit of this from a sports betting perspective is that punters never have to miss a great betting opportunity. As long as you have an internet connection, you can have a flutter whenever and wherever you choose. This convenience and freedom are what many punters crave. 


All high street betting shops have their regular crowd. These punters mainly bet on horse racing and greyhounds because there are races every day, which normally start in the late morning and run through until the afternoon. The regulars will often share tips and predictions with one another and watch the action on the TV screens. It is a sociable experience as you are enjoying this pastime with others who also share the same interest.

Online betting at home on a computer eroded the social aspect of having a punt. It became sterile and solitary. For most bettors, myself included, much of the enjoyment of betting is sharing the highs and lows with others. This component is not present when sat at home in the corner of your living room.

Mobile betting apps have helped reintroduce this social side as many customers place their bets while out with friends. With live betting, you can be in the pub watching a game with your mates and chat about what bets to place for the second half. You may decide to all chip in on a punt. Apps have made betting fun and friendly, which is how it should be.

Additional features

Although the fundamentals of placing a bet haven’t changed, betting operators now focus on the user experience. This is understandable because punters in the UK can choose between 50 – 100 licensed betting sites, and it only takes a couple of minutes to create an account.

Betting apps are at the forefront of this new and improved customer experience as they offer several additional perks compared to regular online betting via a PC.

  • Tailored alerts – most betting apps allow users to set alerts. These can be messages about their bets or general sports alerts, such as a goal being scored in a specific football match.
  • Personalised displays – if you’re only interested in one particular sport, you can customise the display to show what matters to you, which makes finding the right bets easier and faster.
  • Extra form guides – the amount of data now available for sports bettors and horse racing punters is phenomenal and the latest betting apps have it all ready at the tap of a button.
  • My teams / horses – several apps have features where customers can create lists of their favourite football teams and virtual stables for their favourite horses. They then receive updates about when the teams/horses are in action, and what betting odds you can get.
  • Push notifications – a huge advantage that betting apps have is push notifications. Customers can set these in the preferences settings of the application so that they receive real-time updates directly to their device. The type of notifications includes new bonuses and promotions, price alerts, odds boosts, and live scores. 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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