pebble v3 speakers

Speakers in general on your pc or laptop are not the best and the same applies to your TV and in that instance most of us opt to buy a nice big soundbar but what about your laptop etc. The Pebble V3 are an affordable solution and they can connect to anything with Bluetooth and they are charged with USB-C which is great and not lagging behind there.

These are angled at 45 degrees which is also better than your traditional set up which most of us have and thats either upwards or out the sides depending on what you might have so there is better direction of sound, the shape and design is kept simple here and they are well built with rubber feet underneath to stop them from moving and even in my testing at full blast they did not budge nor vibrate and also to note no real sound distortion when maxed out either.

pebble v3 speakers
pebble v3 speakers techbuzzireland

They are solid and built with plastic with a gain button on one side and that is it quite a simple affair just plug and play and job done. I like the overall design here which blends in anywhere really which brings me to my next point.

These can be used anywhere and not only for your home pc etc they can be used with your mobile phone or tablet which is practical for the user and having said that they sound great, tested both on pc and mobile my end they sound perhaps better from a mobile phone than they did on my chromebook which I use now as I switched away from windows and the results you will see in the video review below will let you hear the difference and the benefits of having these speakers at hand to enhance the sound quality over the dull pc/laptop speakers you get though my speakers on my chromebook are quite good these make it sound much better.

Overall these are ideal for your pc for music gaming and more and the same for your mobile phone and the price you pay it is a no brainer really.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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