Smartwatches are beginning to take off in a big way. Basically, a smartwatch is a wearable computer in the form of a wristwatch. It has a local touchscreen interface and can be used with associated apps. A smartwatch does much more than just tell the time, but there is a wide range of different types of smartwatches that vary in terms of design and functionality. With some smartwatches, you can even play games. While the range of games is still somewhat limited at present, gaming on smartphones looks set to become much more popular in the coming years, so you can expect to see a lot more games being launched. Right now, there are several smartwatch games that are great fun. Here are four of the best.

 Infinity Loop

 You can play various genres of games on smartwatches, from RPGs to text-based games. In the future, you may even be able to play online casino games on smartwatches. When it comes to puzzle games, Infinity Loop is one of the best. While the premise of Infinity Loop is simple, it is still difficult to master. Infinity Loop is one of the most popular smartwatch games available. More than ten million people have played the game, which involves creating intricate looping patterns. Connecting all the lines and corners to create perfect connections is a great way of increasing your logic skills, destressing, and clearing your mind. Infinity Loop is ideally suited to Android watches. Furthermore, it is free to play. However, if you manage to get past level 100, you will have to pay to keep playing. This simple puzzle game is deceptively engaging, and you can pause the game anytime without losing your progress.

Lifeline 2: Bloodline

Before high definition graphics and gorgeous animation dominated video games, text-based games were all the rage. Lifeline 2: Bloodline is the follow-up to the popular Lifeline RPG. It basically works like a choose your own adventure game. You guide a woman called Arika, who is on a quest to avenge her family. The story is both fascinating and complex, and with multiple routes to take at different points in the game, Lifeline 2: Bloodline is sure to keep you entertained for hours. It may only be a narrative text-based game without any flashy graphics, but in this modern-day and age of gaming, it is actually a real breath of fresh air.

Cupcake Dungeon

If you are looking for a super fun game that will cause you to have a smile on your face throughout, check out Cupcake Dungeon. You play the game as a cupcake superhero who is trying to save the land of Cupcakia from evil cakes, candies, and pastries. In this unique RPG, you get to kill angry strudels and attempt to defeat a doughnut with a stick. You can also collect treasure and upgrade weapons and power along the way. This fantastically humorous and whimsical game is available on Apple Watch and the iPhone.

Minecart Jumper

This Indiana Jones-like themed game is straight out of the arcade glory days of the 1980s. You play as a famous adventurer who is searching for an ancient Aztec artefact in an old abandoned mine. You suddenly find yourself surrounded by skeletons of previous explorers who did not make it. Then, you jump into a minecart and your rollercoaster of an adventure begins. You are sure to have lots of fun trying to jump over obstacles and hanging on to your hat as you rush down tunnels. For a smartwatch game, Minecart Jumper has beautiful graphics and a clean control system, making it one of the best smartwatch games on the market.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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