The Pamu Quite mini come off the back of the previous model the Pamu Quite which we reviewed last year and once again they deliver on value for money and give Huawei and their much lauded freebuds and others a real run for their money. Coming with wireless charging Bluetooth 5.2 and IPX4 rating, gaming mode, up to 40db of noise reduction and a really great app you simply cant go wrong here for the price and they are also plenty aloud.

The design is familiar with a really comfortable fit and this time the case is smaller than the previous case which had a circular finish with a really cool LED ring around the top illuminating when charging, this time you get a really cool LED on the front that looks like the infamous LED light on kitt and then turns blue when fully charged. You also get type C USB charging here which is most welcome too.

Another point to note is that these can be used on their own too which is something you do not see to often with even more expensive earbuds on the market today and this is a plus for many people and with the app you can customise each side so if you have both in you can set them up the best way that suits you and if using on their own again you can set up to your needs which is excellent.

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When it comes to sound these really give a great punch with a decent volume level nice bass and punchy with highs lows and mids and for watching films and Netflix etc you will not be disappointed as I found during my usual test cycle and I was left impressed yet again by these earbuds. The better build quality here also makes these a more robust pair of earbuds than others at this price point.

Over all for the money the cost to performance ratio has gotten so good it makes you wonder how some companies can charge so much for their earbuds when a pair like this has just about it all for less than half the price. Check out the video below for more and stay tuned for our PaMu NANO review soon.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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