The NotiOne go is a locket type device which is light and waterproof allowing it to be attached to a variety of areas to find the location. This can be used for children, elderly people, keys, Pets, bicycles, ensuring when something gets lost or misplaced this can be found via the Bluetooth app on the phone or Crowd surfing from someone else with the app.  The NotiOne go communicates via Bluetooth Low Energy which operates in the 2.4 GHz band which remains in sleep mode constantly except for when a connection is initiated with the reduction in the battery drain on your phone.



  •         Locator notiOne tracker
  •         1x CR2032 Battery included
  •         strong attachment
  •         manual


Product highlights:

  •                     Free app on the device
  •                     Find a location on the map
  •                     The ability to check location history for 30 days
  •                     The find my phone feature
  •                     Waterproof
  •                     Emits a loud sound
  •                     Power battery efficient
  •                     Has a large radius of action
  •                     Range: up to 90 m



This comes with a CR2032 battery supplied (These batteries can be purchased easily and cheaply in e.g. 2 euro’s sores or equivalent )   which last up to 1 year. Video online how to replace the battery –

Warranty:   2 years


Setup & Use:

Download the notiOne app available from the Google Play or App Store as standard.  The app installed without issues connecting directly on an android phone to the notiOne go! This notiOne go! was  then connected to  Keys,  The app then allows the viewing of the location of the Keys and 0n a map over the last 30 days or ring the keys from the App, The option to visually see the location of the Keys was also possible

The App got a rating of 4.1 out of 5 in the play store from 1,356, Unfortunately, I would give the app 2 out of 5. The low score is the app albeit it has  1 million users of notiOne applications and applications cooperating with the notiOne system in Poland, The app has numerous links, words which are not in English and the standard message we all get to rate the app was again in Polish. This can be very annoying, as no option to default to English and keep in English.  the App should work 100% in English.  The app does work just a niggle for me.




There is an option for Business to purchase these in bulk with the company logo on the device, this is a nice touch for a marketing campaign which is a great improvement on the tradition pens, a diary that is given to staff.


TechBuzz has reviewed a variety of these types of product in the last year which works on a similar principle. Many other brands offer a similar service but require a subscription service for advanced  features, location history, battery replacement etc,  notiOne go provide this as a standard without paying a monthly subscription which is a real positive. The location history, maps etc work well, the ring option to the notiOne go!  is quite low making it difficult to hear but the find nearby option gives a visual of getting closer to or further away from the app. The Polish videos/words are a personal niggle but do not affect the operation of the core purpose of the device which does its job. The numbers of users in Poland over 1 million would ensure if my keys were lost these there is a good possibility, they would be picked up and the location to be transmitted to me. In the UK & Ireland, I suspect the numbers of users would be less and the crowd surfing ability to find my keys would be diminished. Overall, the no subscription and the ease to change the battery is a winner.                     €22


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