Unless you work with mobile technology, you might not be aware of what APK files are and what they are used for. However, it is becoming more and more important for the general public to understand these important files to get the most benefit out of using them.

What Are APK Files?

If you have an android phone or have ever owned one in the past, believe it or not, you have almost certainly used an APK file already by this point. APK stands for Android Application Package and is the standard file type used by all applications for distribution and installation on the Android Operating System.

If you have a personal computer, you can compare APK files to .exe files used to run, execute and install programs on the Windows operating system. Therefore, the APK file type is arguably the most important in the Android ecosystem, so it is so important for users to understand what they are.

How APK Files Work

Everything required to execute, install, and run an application on an Android device is compiled into the APK file. This includes Dex files that convert activities and objects into bytes the Android device can understand, assets such as graphic files, resources like database files and information, security protocols such as certificates, and the application manifest – which is essentially another security feature because it tells the device how the app should run and what it should do.

Most people do not know what APK files are because the Google Store downloads and installs the file for you when you click to download an app from it, but that doesn’t mean people can go out, find APK’s and do it themselves.

This type of download and installation file has various important uses, such as testing an app out before launching it on the store or even sharing programs and games that you might not want explicitly listed on the store.

It can be used for just about anything, from simulation games to business apps and communication applications like WhatsApp. They are used extensively by the iGaming industry, where companies like bet365 have made their apps available for download via APK files, and players can also access the bet365 casino bonus when using the mobile version of the app.

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Pros Of Using APK Files

Now that we know a bit more about APK files and how they work, we can get into the benefits of using them, and there are several. The first of which being that if you, for whatever reason, are unable to access the Google Store, APK files become the only way for you to install your favourite apps.

The latest updates to applications are often available via APK file downloads before they are made live on the Google Store. So, if you want to be among the first to gain access to new features and updates to your favourite apps, APK files are the best way to stay ahead of the curve.

On the flip side, if you enjoy a particular version of an app or game and feel like an update has ruined or broken the experience for you in any way, you can grab the APK of the version you prefer and use that one.

This includes apps and games that might not be available in your country of residence. However, it is essential to note that you should only download APK files from trusted and respected sources for the same reasons mentioned above.

By using APK files, you are installing a version of the app that has not been approved or shared by Google yet, so people with nefarious aims can take advantage of that. Just be careful and make sure that you are only downloading legal APK files, and you will be fine.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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