Colour is deeply rooted in human experience, with nature offering a rich spectrum of hues, tones and contrast. While many have celebrated nature’s diversity for thousands of years, some of its rarest species are currently at risk of extinction.

Together with storytelling partner National Geographic, OPPO embarked on a journey to capture nature in its true full-colour beauty with the help of its latest Find X3 Pro smartphone. Working with award-winning National Geographic photographers and leveraging its billion-colour camera, OPPO aims to capture nature in its truest form, highlighting and driving awareness to endangered species as well through two campaigns – “Endangered Colour” and “Out of This World Colours”

Endangered Colour

Endangered Colour is a campaign spearheaded by OPPO in collaboration with National Geographic and the National Geographic Society. Through a series of images and short films shot by National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore, all captured on OPPO Find X3 Pro, audiences can experience nature from a new perspective and discover a world full of unimaginable colour.

Each Endangered Colour episode focuses on a single colour – red, green, or blue, shedding light on nine species at risk of extinction. From the brilliant fur of the red panda to the bright blue skin of the poison dart frog, it is hard to imagine life without these spectacular colours.

Through raw and unfiltered, billion-colour footage, Endangered Colour brings the true colour and textures of nature to life with 100 percent accuracy, preserving them far into the future and raising awareness to endangered species around the world.

With the help of the Find X3 Pro, Joel Sartore chronicles biodiversity and the extinction crisis as part of a lifelong project created to document species from around the planet. As part of the Endangered Colour project, Joel captured the striking colours of endangered animals, such as the blue dart frog or the thick-billed parrot. By using the one-billion colour camera, he was able to showcase how breath-taking these hues and tones truly are, raising awareness to the dangerously fast disappearing beauty of nature.

Out of This World Colours

Further exploring the otherworldly beauty of Earth, OPPO also announced its “Out of This World Colours” campaign in partnership with National Geographic photographer Keith Ladzinski. This project aims to explore the Mojave Desert’s Mars-like landscapes, highlighting the stunning environment and bringing to life its earthy orange colours through one billion colour photography.

The campaign draws attention to nature’s unique beauty, encouraging a sense of curiosity and exploration, while driving awareness to people’s responsibility in preserving these wonders sustainably.

Taking action

Through capturing biodiversity and the extinction crisis through Photo Ark – a lifelong project created to document all captive species, helping people to connect with and care about our planet in inspiring ways, Joel Sartore invited viewers to visually consider the consequences of ignoring the beauty in nature most at risk.

OPPO supports National Geographic’s mission to protect the health of our planet.

As part of the Endangered Colour campaign, OPPO will donate USD $500,000 to National Geographic Society to help support the National Geographic Society’s wildlife conservation efforts at large including Photo Ark and the Photo Ark EDGE Fellowship.

Join OPPO and National Geographic Society in supporting wildlife conservation and protecting endangered colour for future generations:

Find out more about OPPO Find X3 Pro and its billion colour stories.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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