In this day and age, even the way we pay has been impacted by technology. People prefer making online payments and card payments instead of having to carry cash around. It’s tough to blame them for doing so because having cash on hand is often too cumbersome especially for major purchases.
Before we talk about its benefits, let’s dive deep into what it is. An e-money license is basically an authorization that allows an institute to develop products and services related to online payments and anything related to e-money.
With today’s consumer license continuously shifting towards cashless transactions, it’s more important than ever to get licenses like these. Without it, your business will be left in the dust as others move forward with their ventures. Here are three major reasons why it’s worth getting an e-money license.

Comply With Regulatory Standards

There’s a reason why e-licenses are made. That is to ensure that companies are able to comply with the standards set by law to protect people and their financial security online. As such, most governments actually require an e-license if you want to develop products and services related to online payments.
Failure to get the license but proceeding to move forward with your plans can result in sanctions. In worst-case scenarios, you could end up getting your business license revoked or suspended.
Most bodies that provide an e-money license will allow you to process the license quickly for your needs without having to go through a stressful process. For instance, this electronic money institution license in Lithuania makes the process easier through its connections. By partnering with the right agencies, they can guarantee that you go through the process of licensing in a fast but proper manner.

Before you apply for an e-money license, you should first ensure that you already have your mindset on what you want to do in the future. Getting an e-money license is not free so if you’re going to waste it, there’s no getting back your money and time spent on getting the license.

People Prefer Cashless Transactions More

On the topic of what you can do with an e-money license, is it really worth starting a project based on e-money technology? The short answer is yes – it is worth it. The long answer is that cashless transactions are becoming more popular so products and services tied to them are only going to be more useful in the future.
Since the pandemic began, people have come closer to relying on digital money. There are many benefits to becoming a cashless society. One is that in times of a pandemic such as this one, it lessens the amount of direct contact we make with people. It’s not really surprising that the surge in online transactions rose at this time.
That being said, there is a future that comes with creating products and services that revolve around e-money. An e-money license is one of the foundations of creating such innovations.

Gain The Trust Of The Public

People value their financial security, be online or in their actual wallet. If you are hoping to create a product for e-money, the one thing that people will question you on is the integrity and security of the product you have created. Instead of telling them that it is, SHOW them that it is.
One of the ways you can gain the trust of the people with a new product that revolves around money is by showing them the proper licenses and authorizations surrounding your business.
An e-money license will remove a huge chunk of the doubts they have about your product or service. Some people believe that online transactions are safer than offline ones. However, this doesn’t mean that people no longer have any doubts about the online world.
Understandably, people have a lot to worry about online because news of data breaches and hacks is still pretty common. It is your duty to cast their doubts away. Getting an e-money license is not easy and you should expect your business to be weighed heavily.
Once people see that you have an e-money license, they’ll feel more safe and secure about you.
The times are changing and so should you. E-money is going to be the future of all financial transactions so it is only imperative that you get the right licenses and authorizations to support your journey.
There are more merits to getting the license and these three are the top reasons why it’s time you work towards getting that license.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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