Tech Review – MGET Gen 6 Apple Watch Clone. #Tech

There is a myriad of cloned products out there today and Apple being one of the most copied when it comes to earbuds and so on, this company we have worked with before and we said we would check out their watch and some other products they have as the products still work today and come in at an affordable price. ONE Might as why check out clones, there is so many out there many companies under different brands we have checked these out we have been asked to review other cloned products and it turned out that they are several companies using different names to get reviews done and simply said no.

Clones are also a cheaper way to get a fairly good product at a fraction of the cost, and you might also ask who are these products for. well for the demanding teens that their parents cant say no too is one and also if one wants to have the latest that looks identical to the real thing and most notable of those on the street is the Airpods. The watch reviewed here has been fine with my testing and I have done a long video review to check it out and for the money it looks the part, does most of what the Apple watch does bar rich notifications and sports a decent speaker for calls, you can remotely play with music your camera, fitness readouts ,heart monitoring and much more so all in all it is a fair price to pay for a well built copy of the real thing, see more in the video below. As always with cloned products how long they will last I cant stand by so like any cloned product you buy the choice is yours.. As mentioned we have tried several products from MGET and they work fine today being used on a regular basis taking into account I test alot of earbuds and my usage would differ than the average consumer but we do go back and check in on older earbuds with time.




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