Next up for review is the SOUL sync ANC TWS earbuds which again come in really nice pastel colours and offer are targeted for those who like that bit more from their earbuds and offer more than the NANO we recently checked out which are a serious bang for your buck when it comes to sound. You can check out the trio below in the unboxing and see what is on offer and all in all you get great value for money and colours that pop, but it is not all down to looks I hear you say it is down to how they sound what matters..

The design and fit of the Sync are really nice and look great, these have a small stem in comparison to others but a nice sized touch area to control your music which is simple. Once on they offer a great seal alone and then you can switch between modes to suit your needs or surroundings, the ANC works really well and I have a test case to do this in my house which is a fan and this is almost blocked out once fitted, Once the ANC is activated you do not hear the fan and most noise, You will never get the same level of ANC with TWS earbuds as you will headphones, Just now anyway but the technology is improving every day, In general they do a great job with noise cancelling.

When it comes to sound they are pretty good but not as loud as I would like they seem to be to less loud of of the Three I have have hear which is fine most folk use about 70/80% of the volume where I am a full volume person and that is just me and at that level they where not the loudest I tested but this is common and probably better for the ears anyway. Direction, Instruments, highs, lows and mids where fine and a good balance also with voice and voice calls where fine and you can again use these on their own be it left or right which is often a feature left out in even more expensive earbuds.

Overall you cant go wrong with these earbuds and they look really trendy and pop out and from wearing them out walking etc people have stopped and asked my who makes these so that is nice to see, you will not get the loudest volume here but a good overall result with some bass thrown in too. Battery life is on par however with ANC on like any other earbuds with ANC you will draw that power faster and see around 20-22 hours of life using ANC and volume up high.

SOUL sent us this press sample and are seeing this review the same time as you..


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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