Currently I am testing several of the products from the SOUL TWS line up and these are the smallest of the lot and certainly cute with the tiny charge case that comes with it but how do they perform overall is the one question we all want to know and offer testing these ones out there is quite a surprise in store to how they performed overall and at the price they come in at and not forgetting the cool colours they come in too which is really nice and make them stand out in the crowd. See the unboxing below for the range we are testing now.

The S-NANO offer all the features you would expect but at the price point you get most except wireless charging which for me now is a cool feature but can live without it, these are easy on the pocket and easy to fit in any pocket by size and look really cool too. So when it comes to features what do you get for you money?

Features- Bluetooth 5.0 – quick charge – AAC codec – IPX5 rating – Transparency mode – Touch Controls- Auto Pairing and Assistant compatible. You do not get auto play and pause here but you do get the transparency mode which works well and these offer a really good seal off the bat and give good isolation when fitted right and you are good to go.. One thing with these is they are loud they are punchy and have a nice level of bass too and overall delivered well with all aspects you would like to find, they work individually too. n my usual test loop they deliver on watching films on Netflix, You tube and music, call quality is decent and direction is good and when watching films they deliver really well on direction instruments and voice and all is very centred so overall a great experience to be had for the price battery life is also good for the size here considering and I cant complain really about these at all as a whole.

The True wireless market has heated up over the last year and there is great value to be had here, these come with 28mm drivers and have a nice even tone with good bass and you will get around 5.5 hours of use which is good when you look at it. You get three extra charges via the tiny case and you get around 24hrs in total which is good by any standards when you look at how small this package is.

SOUL sent us this press sample and are seeing this review the same time as you..




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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