emporia – the European leader in simple phones for retirees – is delighted to announce the Irish launch of its latest and most advanced smartphone in its portfolio yet; the S4. The launch coincides with its announcement of its first network partner An Post Mobile, which is retailing the device https://www.anpost.com/Shop/Products/Post-Mobile-Products/Emporia-Smart-Phone-S4 
Tackling some of the common technological issues felt by the senior user in 2020, this smartphone includes key features that respond to the demands of our older citizens in a world of track and trace, security concerns and mobile involvement like never before.
Chris Millington, emporia’s UK and Ireland MD comments: “This is an exciting “first” in a new generation of mobiles to join emporia’s portfolio. I’m proud to announce the S4 as our most innovative device yet to the Irish market, working exclusively with An Post Mobile. This phone really responds to some of the more recent challenges and hurdles faced by our senior citizens in everyday life and mobile communication – especially in a modern world of social distancing and contact-free living. We have worked hard to include intuitive and completely audience-relevant features like the pre-installed QR scanner, contactless payment functionality, and improved camera for new features like a magnifier for when you have left your glasses at home.”
Partnering with leading network provider An Post
“We’re delighted to announce our first Irish network relationship with An Post Mobile. To have such a credible and respected network partner on board to help us introduce the S4 to the Irish market is key to boost our visibility in front of senior citizens. Working with An Post Mobile will enable us to reach a large proportion of seniors in Ireland and introduce them to the world of simple and easy technology and access a whole new world of communication, confidently and independently,” comments Millington.
The S4 is available contract free with An Post Mobile from €139.95, and comes with unlimited calls, texts and 4G data for just €15 per month on its new plan (see anpost.com/mobile for details and terms and conditions). With the current offer of the first month for free if customers switch their number to An Post Mobile, this S4 senior-focused smartphone will enable this generation to stay connected.
Michael Ahern, An Post Mobile Manager, comments: “2020 has shown just how important mobile communications are to the community and An Post is especially aware that many of our older citizens have gone for long periods without close contact with family, friends and neighbors. We see the introduction of the emporia S4 smartphone to the An Post Mobile phone range as another opportunity to make life just that little bit easier and safer for the older generation and their families.”


Introducing the emporia S4

This Google-certified smartphone runs on an Android 10 operating system, with an emporia interface that is tailored and adapted to the 66+ year old user.

The smartphone’s 5” screen is easy to read, with large fonts and app icons, and a soft touch coating makes it very easy to hold and use one-handed. Like all emporia devices it is also hearing-aid-compatible and is fitted with an emergency assistance button on the back for peace of mind for users.


The S4 comes complete with emporia’s unique comprehensive 135-page training book, allowing users to learn at their own pace and as a reference point. The concept of this training book extends much beyond instilling confidence and driving independence; it’s imperative to emporia’s customers and responds to how the human brain works and is the catalyst to changing smartphone value for this group. 


Key features of the senior S4 smartphone in a new digital world

What makes the S4 different to other smart devices in the emporia range is its following new features that bring the senior user further into the digital world, but in a simple way:


  • 13 megapixel main camera and 8mp selfie camera
    In a world where video calls and photo sharing are the most common form of communication, our S4 has an improved camera quality so users can be involved and connected in this way and stay in touch, even if isolated, with family and friends.

  • QR scanner
    The improved processing power on the latest S4 model sees the introduction of a QR scanner, meaning senior users are able to use the NHS track & trace / Ireland’s COVID tracker / Protect Scotland / StopCOVID NI apps, or register their check-ins, for safety and reassurance in a post-pandemic world. 

  • Magnifying function
    Most of us experience presbyopia as we age, meaning we need glasses to read and struggle with close up text or smaller fonts. Whilst emporia’s devices are already tailored to help the users to use and enjoy the phone, when users are out and about, reading everyday things like restaurant menus may not be as easy, especially when we leave our glasses at home. This key app is designed to take away that frustration and act as an aid for our customers in everyday life – a reliable companion.

  • App Installer
    There are apps for everything out there, and this can be overwhelming when you need a key app like a track-and-trace, or WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family, need to share pictures, check the weather forecast or check the news. The App Installer on the S4 contains a list of the most useful 20 apps, making them all easier to download and locate so the older user gets the key apps straight away.

  • NFC technology
    Whilst NFC or contactless payments in credit and debit cards isn’t new, the new S4 brings NFC (near field communication) technology, or more to the point contactless payments to a new audience. When social distancing and contact-free are the norm, this function can offer a whole new shopping experience for older customers who tend to use cash. With the new 16-page guide to how to set-up Google Pay and the benefits of the security this brings, the retired audience will be equipped for the new era upon us.

The older generation and trust in contactless payment technology

Millington says now is the right time to introduce NFC technology to the senior mobile phone market: “We know that mobile phone banking and contactless payments are increasingly on the rise across the UK and Ireland; even more so this year with a focus on contact-free due to Covid concerns. But this doesn’t make it automatically trusted. We want to challenge this misconception; and NFC and Google Pay in a mobile phone addresses this concern for seniors head on.”
“What we are helping our users understand in our separate training book is that contactless payments on a phone are safer than using a bank card; they’re passcode protected, unlike an ATM card which can be stolen and used by anyone – the phone cannot be used without the passcode. Similarly, it is a reassurance for if cards are mislaid, and adds a whole new level of identity protection as cards registered on Google Pay as not visible to the merchant. Couple this with the added benefit of being able to add in store reward cards to the S4, and it makes the whole shopping experience with a smartphone seamless,” adds Millington.
Irish seniors post-covid
Whilst life post-covid presents a lot of uncertainty, one result of the pandemic is that it has brought society even closer together. The technology offered by the emporia S4 will act as a key enabler in maintaining that closeness – both in terms of checking in with loved ones, and track and trace apps – to enable all of us, including our older citizens, to get on with their lives and stay connected. 


To find out more about the S4 smartphone, please visit: www.anpost.com/mobile or emporiatelecom.ie/products/overview/emporiasmart4 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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