DPD sms scam is doing the rounds here is what it looks like. #DPD #Scams

A new DPD sms scam is doing the rounds which will catch people out and that is what it intends to do and now they are using a new way to try con the consumer. This time around they are using the delivery management option to try get your cash. Most courier companies now offer this service to make life a bit easier for you and of course the drivers who have been working hard during this pandemic..

Many courier companies offer a service which allows you to change your delivery options by changing the date, leave with neighbour or in a safe place for example and this scam will ask you several questions on what your preferences are. If you select to pick it up on this scam you hit a dead end however if you want it delivered is where you will be caught..  At the end of the form you will see your charge. If you are in doubt feel free to contact us as I work in the logistics industry and get hounded with stuff like this and of course see DPD for more..


  1. Hi ya, thanks for your really useful video. An elder neighbour of mine got scammed and signed up for this unfortunately, entering lock stock and barrel. Do you know how to cancel the “subscription?” It says it will charge 59euro unless subscription is cancelled within 5 days. What a nightmare.
    Any help would be brilliant, thanks!

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