Urbanista Miami ANC wireless headphones now on sale in four stylish colours. #Urbanista #Headphones

Go on a sound journey with the all new Miami headphones offering up to 50 hours of non-stop playtime, and up to 40 hours with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) mode on. Miami headphones are designed to deliver a crisp, immersive audio experience. With the ANC feature, at the press of a button you are able to completely switch off the outside world and block out background noise so you can stay focused with no unwanted interruptions. Otherwise, switch to Miami’s built-in Ambient Sound Mode which uses advanced technology to filter in important outside noises without disturbing your flow. Perfect for when you’re on the go but need to stay aware of your surrounding environment.

Axel Grell, the Acoustical Engineer who developed the sound design for Urbanista Miami, comments: “The Urbanista Miami headphone is designed to transport the emotions in your music, right to your soul. With a warm contoured bass that extends to ultra-low frequencies, clean mids and highs; Miami provides a stunning, crisp sound experience whether you choose Active Noise Cancelling, Default or Ambient Sound Mode.”

Inspired by Miami

Inspired by the vibrant pulse of the city, Urbanista Miami is intelligently designed to fit into the user’s on-the-go lifestyle whilst complementing their personal style with a choice of four different colours: Pearl White or Midnight Black, as well as Miami-inspired colours Ruby Red and Teal Green.

Urbanista Miami headphones have on-ear detection technology that is programmed to pause when the sensors detect that you remove the headphones from your head and restart when they are put back in place – without the need to press pause or play.

Miami lets you effortlessly switch between your iOS and Android devices, connecting automatically via Bluetooth 5.0. The sleek headphones are adjustable for a custom fit and the smooth cushioned shells sit snugly for comfortable all-day listening. For convenience, the package includes a hard travel case, an AUX cable, an airline adapter and a USB Type C charging cable.

CEO Anders Andreen comments: “We are excited to launch an over-ear alternative to our bestselling London earbuds. We have combined features such as Active Noise Cancelling and Ambient Sound Mode with trendy colours and amazing audio quality, all whilst remaining true to our contemporary Scandinavian design. We have always taken inspiration from the world’s most exciting cities and Urbanista Miami makes a great addition to our line-up of wireless products.”

Order at www.urbanista.com/miami. Priced at £129 / SEK 1499 / EUR 149 / USD 149 MSRP boasts full compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows devices. Watch out for our review soon.

Urbanista Miami Key Features:

●    Active Noise Cancelling
●    Ambient Sound Mode
●    50hrs+ total playtime
●    Operating time with ANC on: 40hrs
●    On-Ear detection
●    Type C Charging
●    Bluetooth 5.0
●    Compatible with iOS and Android
●    Google Assistant

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