Tech Review – Aukey 12-in-1 USB-C hub #Tech #Aukey

Need to add some peripherals to your laptop or PC well the Aukey 12-in-1 USB-C hub might just be the thing you need. We have covered several similar offerings before and in short these offer you more flexibility as laptops these days often come with the bare minimum ports especially if you use Apple Macs etc and this of course works with them and much more cost effective, these hubs allow you be more productive and connect multiple things at one go like several flash drives which is great for those on the go transferring data and so on and much more, you also have and SD card reader, sd card slot HDMI ports, USB-C ports and more however these is no micro USB port present on this hub which is a sign of the times and perhaps maybe one should have been present but all is fine regardless.

One thing that would have made this hub more sweet would have been on board storage too but it is a minor caveat as many available out there now do offer storage at this price point but if you just need a hub to connect and transfer data this is certainly one to look at, This hub though is great for someone with multiple products on the go like me as you can charge multiple devices on the go at the same time which is a gift. Check out the video for more below.


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