New FUZE Player – 20+ Games Available for Switch with More on the Way. #Gaming

FUZE4 Nintendo Switch have announced that their FUZE Player will be launching in the Nintendo eShop on 28th December 2020. Over the last year, hundreds of games have been written using FUZE4 Nintendo Switch. The FUZE Showcase Gallery was created to highlight the best submissions.  However as many of these are so good, FUZE decided it was best to make them available beyond the FUZE community for other Switch users to enjoy.

With FUZE Player for Nintendo Switch you can:

: Play the built-in games

: Download lots more for free

: View the code to see how they were made

: Join the FUZE Arena community where you can submit you own games and apps made with FUZE4 Nintendo Switch

The initial release includes more than 20 games developed by FUZE and the FUZE Arena Community using the coding app FUZE4 Nintendo Switch. Included games:

  • Super Mega Arena Blaster● Fast Food Dizzy for FUZE ● Crazy 3D Shooter ● Vecroids ● Ninja Scroll ● Know Your Plaice!
    FUZE Bounce ● Asteroid Navigator ● Genial Chess ● Patience Solitaire ● Super Laser Blast ● Motorway Memory ● Missiles
  • No Escape from Red Hell● Vi-Race ● AnimeUltraHyperJump ● Da Bean ● Shapes Mini Game ● Cube Puzzle Toy ● Skatey Cat
  • Parasail Pat● FUZE Fit Adventure 2

Check out the FUZE Player trailer here

Available for just £0.89 / $0.99 / €0.99, the FUZE Player will be available from 28th December 2020.

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