Tech Review – Anchor cable the worlds strongest cable. #AnchorCable #Tech #MobileOutFitters

Typically the cables we get with our phones are crap to put it blunt although the USB-C cables seem to be more durable these days but anything else is pretty much short lived and in particular Apple cables they are the worst offender and they make a lot of money out of it. Lightning cables are woeful break at several points and in general your standard cable breaks and is an all too common scene, In Short you should invest in a much tougher cable that will last albeit more expensive in the long term it is worth it, I have tested cables similar from the likes of Otterbox too and they last and offer more longevity than your typical cable.

Anchor cable has been tested for 180K plus bends and are 30 times stronger than your average cable and I just put these to the test by brute force of my own and can easily snap your standard cable myself so in this real life test they are tough, they are thicker than the average cable too and have a nice coating with end to end cable jackets which again is a weak area on many cables. It is worth investing in such cables and I have said many times in the past steer clear of those cheap cables you see in euro shops and petrol stations as they are rubbish and the same applies to the plugs that go with them..




Mobile Outfitters sent us these cables to review with no compensation or copy approval..

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