Dropbox launches Family Plan to keep us connected to those that matter. #Dropbox #DropboxFamily

As we go back into a complicated world of local lockdowns, households will find themselves increasingly relying on their digital devices for work and leisure. That’s why Dropbox has created a new plan specifically adapted for families, making it easy and safe to share content and manage passwords.

A recent study by Ofcom found that adults in the UK had become glued to their devices for more than 40 per cent of the waking day due to lockdown, highlighting the relevance of Dropbox’s family plan, which will enable six users to stay connected in one virtual family room, with 2,000 GB of space to share photos, videos, and even Google Docs.

Key features:

·       The great digital declutter

o   On the family plan, everyone has their own separate account for personal files, but everything can easily be shared with other family members

o   You can also back up all of your Facebook photo libraries in a few clicks



·       Dropbox Passwords

o   Netflix, Amazon Spotify and Asos, on the family plan, all members can securely store their passwords with zero-knowledge encryption to ensure that all members and their devices are protected


·       Dropbox Vault

o   For your sensitive files, like bank statements or identity documents, Dropbox Vault provides an additional layer of security. You can also select one member of your family to access your vault in an emergency


·       Computer backup

o   Forget the worries of hard drive crashes or the hassle of manual data transfer, the computer backup feature automatically syncs documents on your devices into your Dropbox folder.

The service will cost £16.99 per month (£13.99 when you sign up to an annual subscription) and will offer something new and unique to families. Not everyone wants to jump on the social media gravy train and Dropbox has finally found a way to share and communicate digitally without the additional pressure or feeling of being on a digital stage.

You can find out more on their company blog here,

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