The Voyager 4245 wireless headset system is an office type headset which can be used on a variety of applications or Computer, Desk phone or Smartphone.  The box came in a plane brown box with limited information available. Inside the box came a variety of accessories, from earplugs, wearing style, desk mount, charging cable etc


  •       Comfortable for all-day wear, it is the lightest Bluetooth® headset for contact center use, weighing in at .75 oz/21 g
  •       Wearers can collaborate on the move, with a wireless range up to 328 ft /100 m
  •       Bluetooth 5.0 with BLE technology allows for seamless and easy global wireless deployment
  •       The connection with the customer is never lost thanks to continuous battery* life with high-quality wideband audio
  •       Any distracting noise surrounding the speaker is blocked by the noise-cancelling microphone
  •       Visual and audible alerts indicate battery level
  •       Microsoft Teams certified with dedicated Teams button for instant access


Customise headset option

This is one of my favourite features, allowing the choice to use the headset in 3 different styles as required by the individual user.


Battery & charging

Continuous battery, this is achieved using a spare battery which is charged when not in use, with the battery swapped while a call is in progress, given unlimited talk time. This is my number one gripe with this product. During teams calls. The battery voice prompt will advise fully charged, medium or low. To change a battery during a team’s video call, the video would have to be turned off, the audio muted, headset removed, the battery changed and then await the Bluetooth to connect back to the phone or laptop.  This may work for internal video calls but not practical for business calls. Traditionally other brands have a USB C charger leads socket which would allow a portable charger brick or charging lead to be plugged into the headset. The option of changing the battery works but reminds me of the original mobiles that came with 2 batteries to ensure you got a day’s use.

The charger plug is an odd shape, (can be used with a 3 pin or 2 pin plug) with the lead crossing over to another plug with the potential of being damaged.



The Microphone as expected from Plantronics is a noise-cancelling microphone which is of excellent quality, background noise is filtered out effectively resulting on another end of the call / video getting extraordinarily little background noise.  The headset has the usual volume up and down button but observed the max volume is lower than many other earphones used. This may be a design feature to ensure not to distract / allow other users in the office to overhear the conversation and prevent the user from shouting when the volume is turned up to a high level.



The Voyager 4245 office headset has great features / compatibility in terms of the ability to use the headset in 3 different styles. I would expect to lose a lot of the accessories within 3 months.  The Multipoint Technology which allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously is a must in any product which is expected to improve efficiency. ( If looking to purchase a new product that does not have Multipoint Technology , Techbuzz Ireland would ask you reconsider your choice for future proofing) Albeit a personal  niggle is the battery charging, swapping option which is my number one gripe on the product, minors others on the charging plug, high volume level but nothing major.

Overall, the Poly Voyager 4245, is light for all day use, excellent build, and call quality which a variety styles to allow superior call quality and use and certified by the major Collaboration & Meetings call providers.

Price: £239.53

By brendanlahert

20 years’ experience in the commercial technical industry. Interested in technology. Certified ITIL v3 Service Management, Project Management Prince 2, Six Sigma.