Tech Review – The Groov-e Music Buds True Wireless. #Tech #TWS #Groove

Groove recently announced their latest product called the music buds to their portfolio of affordable tech and these are really good considering the price they come in at with all the features you expect to find and no need to take out your phone to control the music and calls and also has the option to connect to your assistant on the go too with simple to use controls, the controls are once again a button and not touch based which is nice.

Again we have a clean design on offer here and the have a low profile too and do not stick out from your ears and offer a nice snug fit there is no ANC on board but they do a decent job muting the outside world and when at max volume you will not hear a thing anyway however in some instances they did get tinny and muffled but overall a good experince and max volume is my personal taste anyway and many would not keep at max level to get some kind of ambience.



The build quality is solid and the controls so easy to use which I like with your typical 1/2/3 taps to get things moving, we go through this in the video below anyway. There is nice bass present here and overall fairly well balanced from testing my usual playlist and I was happy enough with their performance and the battery life is also on par with their claims and with no ANC present it is decent battery life. For 25 quid lads you cant go wrong but I would like to see more colours from the company on their earbuds selection even White would be nice.







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