Review – The TONOR TC-777 USB audio condenser. #Tech #Audio #TONOR

If you want to change your audio game and on a budget the TONOR TC-777 might be one to check out with a simple set up and easy to use approach, Built well too this offers just a cardiod option so it just picks up sound from the front and can only be used this way and it does suppress background noise too so keep in mind as other mics out there offer more than just cardiod. No software is required to set up either and Windows 10 will pick up the device once plugged in.

You get a built in shock mount that looks like a tripod but this can be unscrewed and you can use the light elsewhere of if you have an existing arm for example and is the standard thread for this so it will work anywhere. The unit is foldable so it is portable but for most it will be a permanent fixture in a studio or you can carry if you plan to use outdoors.. Check out the video below and the audio sample included ..

This product was sent to us by the company with no preview nor influence or commision paid.



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