New DHL email scam to beware of. #DHL #Logistics #Scam #Phishing

Back in February this year there was a DHL scam doing the rounds via SMS which by no means is nothing new, However since then we have increased our online shopping due to the pandemic and this gives scammers a target to work on in some shape or form and it is not the last we will see of this either.

This time around the scam is via email and if you are a DHL customer or familiar with their emails you will see their email does not look like a typical email from DHL. On clicking the link seen in image 2 then image three all you need to do is look at the URL on top to see that this is a scam and just looking to get money from you by entering your credit card details, in short a phishing attempt for an apparent small fee., So as usual if you get an email like this just delete it and move along and let them keep trying..

We have contacted DHL and they have said “Hi Jim, thanks for your message and many thanks for sharing this with us. Our IT security team are aware of this matter. Many thanks.”

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