If any company is worth its salt in the VPN world today, it’s also going to have a mobile device app to match the same protection service provided on a regular computer. The simple fact is, people spend more time on average with their phone or tablet than they do with a desktop computer or even a laptop. No surprise then, there’s a lot of apps out their promising to help and do their work, but in reality are just empty functions assuming users know nothing about how to test encryption and hoping their tool spreads for money, popularity, or worse, fraud.

Fortunately, a handful of VPN providers offer a very reliable channel for mobile devices, and they are well recognised in the VPN world in general as safe, reliable and functional. They also have the ability to break through geo-block barriers that hamper enjoyable streaming as well as monitoring. Best of all, these VPN tools can easily work over any Wi-Fi, keeping one’s connection costs down and Internet capability up and running for low or no ISP cost. Here are seven of the top players to consider:

  1. ExpressVPN

One thing that made Apple a raging success was how intuitive its products were. ExpressVPN follows the same philosophy with its app, making it extremely easy to learn. The ExpressVPN tool also works amazingly fast without drops, buggy performance or unreliable connection.

  1. Surfshark

A well-proven winner in the VPN world, particularly in Europe as well as the U.S., Surfshark for mobile offers a budget-sensitive user a solid VPN package that delivers reliability and function without the corporate price tag being attached.



  1. NordVPN

Its brand awareness is something to be jealous of because just about anyone trying to connect to the Internet with encryption has heard of NordVPN somewhere somehow. Their app VPN is fast, has a high score in reliability, and the pricing tends to be competitive even if not the cheapest service available.

  1. IPVanish

The beauty of this choice is that it can handle multiple connections at the same time on the same account. And that can be pretty handy when one needs to share their mobile VNP with work partners or family on a trip. IPVanish has robust support network and stays competitive with an affordable price point as well.

  1. CyberGhost

The beauty of this choice tends to be their sign up teaser. A user can have six months of free service with CyberGhost and enjoy a support network that is actually bigger than some of the other players on this list. The value and price point are competitive, and CyberGhost’s VPN program works on multiple OS environments without issue.

  1. PrivateInternetAccess

A well-established name recognized for amazing speed delivery in data transfer connections, PIA also gets top billing for privacy protection as well as adware blocking. Available on Android, Linux and iOS, PIA comes with a variety of plan choices, and it is highly customizable which tends to be an attraction for those who like to tweak their apps.

  1. TorGuard VPN

For those folks who like to download a lot of data from Bittorrent and similar, TorGuard VPN is a custom-designed answer in the VPN world. Specific to iOS, TorGuard takes advantage of Tor’s extensive server network, and it hits the middle of the pack with speed ratings. The interface isn’t the friendliest or most intuitive, but Tor folks tend to be techy-oriented anyways.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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  1. VPN is important. One it protects your data when you are working in another company and using someone else’s wifi. Two, my boyfriend has an app that can vibrate my underwear from anywhere and I don’t want people to know what he is doing.

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