Video Review – The Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless #Sony #Tech

A year old but better late than never and a pair of earbuds I wanted to check out myself they finally arrived after reading so many positive reviews I wanted to test these myself to see just how good they are. After a real hands on experience over the week and covering the biggest range of true Wireless earbuds in Ireland I am impressed and Sony have delivered here overall and I have to give them credit for it.

Rather than bore you with specs and the usual I will discuss the product below as they have aged somewhat now and people will ask are they a worthy purchase,given the new model will be out soon we will have to see the cost and these would be due a price cut, In my opinion they certainly are worth a purchase and now serve a place in my top 5 earbuds of choice.

Sony sent us these to review with no compensation,influence or copy approval and are seeing this the same time as you.


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