Edifier launch the K815 headset.. #Edifier #WorkFromHome #Tech

The K815 is equipped with 40mm NdFeb drivers to produce a strong bass and clearer sound and developed with precisely adjusted sound pressure level. Ideal for working or learning from home or the workplace.


Edifier® International, prominent designer and award-winning manufacturer of consumer audio electronics for both the lifestyle and multimedia markets, has developed the K815 headphones. 
These over-ear headphones have been professionally developed to be used for online activity, including home working and educational purposes. The K815 are equipped with 40mm NdFeb drivers to produce a strong bass and clearer sound, ideal for hearing every important sound when engaging on online learning courses or having that zoom meeting with colleagues.
The precisely adjusted sound pressure levels ensure that the user’s hearing is protected, thus producing a safe, yet outstanding sound quality. These headphones are ideal for use by children due to these safeguarded measures. 
The on-ear microphone can be adjusted through 120°, and includes a highly sensitive, noise cancelling microphone, removing external noise for minimal interference on voice calls. The wire also has a built-in volume control for ease of use, allowing the user to make adjustments without turning away from their screen. 
The large black voice coil diaphragm units deliver outstanding sound quality, while the independent external sound cards provide crystal clear communication. The shielded wires and large magnetic rings also reduce interference when being used for calls.
Delivering on sound and style, the headphones feature a silver-plated siding on the ear cups. This striking detail is paired with a high gloss black or white finish for effortless style. The soft, cushioned headband and ear cups ensure comfortable fit for all-day wear. 


Main Features:
  • Professionally developed for online learning with detachable, 120° adjustable, noise-cancelling microphone.
  • Highly tuned sound pressure levels to protect the user’s hearing.  
  • The large black voice coil diaphragm unit delivering outstanding sounds.
  • Independent external sound cards and shielded wires with large magnetic rings for crystal clear and uninterrupted communications.
  • Adjustable headbands for comfortable fit.
  • 3.5mm jack connection.

Frequency response
20Hz – 20kHz
Sound pressure level
Microphone direction
Single point
USB-A plug
Price & Availability:
The Edifier K815 is available for £44.95 on Amazon:


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