The Jabra Evolve 2 85 are a hybrid pair of headphones that can be used both in the office and home or even out for a stroll, If you are coming from a pair of 85h you are going to get the same experience as before only this time these are equipped towards the office user or indeed those who work from home which is a new trend that has recently went on fast forward. These headphones are UC certified which means if you have the UC variant (there is several options available) you are good to go with the likes of Microsoft teams which again has seen a huge spike in use.

Build quality is great and quite similar to the older 85h which still today serve me well and when it comes to controls everything is laid out simple on these headphones which helps, There is multiple features on board here which I think sets these apart from other offerings out there. One is ANC you need this in your life especially in an open space working are for less distraction and keeping you focused on the call at hand,not only that when listening to music this is a winner and I do not need to tell you anymore on that from using the 85h the same applies again.

Comfort is another thing here to note they again can be worn for long periods of time and are really comfortable these are not heavy headphones nor clamp onto your head and after wearing these for multiple hours over several days they did not sweat nor feel annoying like some headphones can.



The busy light is probably my favourite, Pet hate of mine if I am on a call and people come up to me when I am clearly on the phone talking this light is clearly visible to let people know that you are busy and steer clear of me if you come near me with these lights active you are asking for trouble.

The mic is retractable so it hides when not in use,these headphones can be used in both home,office or outdoors and for many out there these are a perfect answer to solve two problems and save money in the long run the mic is on the right though and some have said why not on the left or make it removable,again this is an industry standard yet I see the point and perhaps all manufacturers can look at this going forward..

The headphones come with ten mic technology and calls are great, I am not one to use teams or zoom much but I do use these platforms and they shine here as they do with music due to the 40mm speakers, Battery life is excellent here and something to note too,if you are a heavy ANC user it will obviously drain the life quicker but overall on par with the 37 hours slated, you also can get 8 hours charge in just 15 minutes which is impressive and it will take 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Check out the video for more below.

The great folks at Jabra sent us these to review with no copy approval or compensation paid and are seeing this the same time as you..

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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