Review – MNML case line up for the Google Pixel 4a. #Tech #MNML #Pixel4a

Recently we checked out the iPhone 11 case line up and last year the Pixel 4 now this time around it is the all new Pixel 4a case line up from our friends at MNML, Again these are simple clean cases with no branding and access to all ports and a minimal design hence the name. One thing to keep in mind is you will need a screen protector as the front will be exposed to the elements but overall a nice clean case for your phone that is thin..

The Pixel 4a was made for minimalists. Compliment your Pixel 4a with a MNML Case for the ultimate one-two combo.

. Slim, sleek design preserves the original look and feel of your phone without adding excess bulk
. Raised back camera bump protects your world-class camera from scratches
. Precision cutouts around curved glass screen and speakers allow for unhampered media consumption

See the video for more and image samples..




  1. On MNML website for this Pixel 4a MNML case it says “supports wireless charging” which is a bit misleading because of course the 4a doesn’t have wireless charging, so one may think; “oh, this will add wireless charging.” but no, it doesn’t. Nort sure how you can “support” wireless charging on a phone that doesn’t have it.

    1. Incorrect. No case has wireless charging it means it can charge with a case on it. They have the same error by default on some of their cases but means phone can wirelessy charge with the case on

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