The first Impressions of the SoundBlaster X3, looked spacious and appealing to the eye once taken out, the first feel was a plastic frame with 3 buttons that didn’t feel out of place with an LED in the middle. It consisted of a volume wheel which was made from metal giving it a better look and feel of weight. The wheel is also a button for different modes and to connect to Bluetooth which will get to later.  The quality of the feel of the X3 felt solid, with good  packaging, made out of solid  materials  as compared to the previously reviewed Creative Sound Blaster G3, which we listed as “plastic seems flimsy”

The SoundBlaster X 3 includes a USB type C to type A converter which would suit modern-day technology, it comes with a lot of connection choices on the back of the blaster such as a front, side, rear and C/SUB line out so plenty of options but does not come with any of the other types of connections. The USB cable was extra-long which is great to allow connections a distance away.

Once turned on the SoundBlaster x 3 was appealing as the LED lights turned on behind the wheel which gave it a look of intensity, portrayed as a powerful Sound blaster.


Package contents,

  •         Sound Blaster X3.
  •         A USB type C to type A converter.
  •         Quick and easy set up guide.
  •         Leaflets & Instructions of more in detailed instructions
  •         Warranty Guide

Warranty – 2  Years




The compatibility of this particular SoundBlaster X3 it is more aimed in the direction of PC players rather than consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo switch. This was used with a PlayStation 4 on our tests.


SoundBlaster command,

And for the X3 in particular SXFI app,


In the case of the PS4, the set up was pretty basic as all that was needed was the USB type C to type A converter to connect the SoundBlaster X3 to the PS4 which can be done on the Nintendo switch the same. Then plug your headset/ (headphones and mic) to the aux for the headphone and if the mic is separate there is a mic aux connection too.



To set up on the PC all of the connections from your normal speakers can all go into the back connections on the SoundBlaster X3 and will come through the headset with the aux connection on the front of the sound blaster a mic can also be connected separately to the headset/headphones.

The setup is similar for all the consoles, which can be set up for your gaming, movie and music experience by the different colour LED lights.  We observed to get the full benefit of the SoundBlaster X3 you should then download the 2 App to your smartphone above or to your PC.

In this case, the consoles and app were used on the PlayStation 4 slim & the Samsung s10.  Connection to the phone and Soundblaster via Bluetooth required the download of the sound blaster command app and set you, blaster, in Bluetooth mode.  The connection was via the Search for the X3 in the app and put the X3 in pairing mode by holding down the volume wheel until it flashes its white LED.

SXFI app

The Install of the App was easy, scan the QR from the box follow the link and download the app. Once connected the SXFI app goes through a tutorial to select your headphone and will ask to take a picture of your ears and head to customise your headset for your gaming experience, ( This part of the installation is unusual without leaving a logic for its purpose on the install ). Once finished go to the SB command app and the data will link and the command app will give the option for music and different types of games which is a great feature and once the SXFI is activated on the app your experience gets a whole lot better.

SXFI technology has done a great job at creating a 3D surround sound out of your headset which is enjoyable for players and all music and gaming experiences.



There are a few hiccups with the app as if you click of the app the SoundBlaster will have to reconnect when the app is turned back off but once the setting is done it won’t change until the phone tries to reconnect but only a small error wouldn’t be too much bother. Other than the plastic case and buttons the SoundBlaster X3 overall is a great audio experience when connected with the apps. The mic sometimes echoes but is not a huge problem for the user and can be solved but it is full of options and great settings for all sorts of games.

The pre-set options for numerous games, default earphones and the options to change the audio experience is a delight for gaming, a setup in the right direction to enhance the audio gaming experience.  BUY HERE Price £109.99

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