The Robus GU10 Connect for all intensive purpose is a bulb but brings a new excitements/technology to the bulb ( LED). The Led is smart-enabled that connects to the Robus app for Android and IOS to control the Led, with the smartphone. This can be connected via Amazon Alexa and google home. The Led bulb looks the same as standard GU10 Bulb. The LED via the app allows scenes, controlling on/off switching, dim level and tunable white colour temperature.



The ROBUS Connected devices provide multiple functionalities which include:

  •         Smart device enabled, works with iOS and Android via the ROBUS CONNECT App
  •         Connects with Amazon Alexa and Google Home via Wi-Fi with no need for a hub
  •         Multiple lamps can be controlled via a single app
  •         Tunable white between 2700-6500K
  •         Lamp Life (Hrs)  25000
  •         Suitable for use in fire-rated downlights
  •         LED replacement for 50W Halogen downlights
  •         30ø beam angle
  •         No UV or infra-red content
  •         Die-cast aluminium, plastic coated housing and polycarbonate lens
  •         GU10 cap type
  •         High quality LED array providing high efficacy of 83-93lm/W
  •         Wide operating ambient temperature range of -20øC to +40øC
  •         On / off switching so lighting can be controlled from anywhere. You can switch off lights left on in another part of the house after going to bed, without getting up
  •         Dimming feature
  •         Tunable White Colour temperature control from warm to daylight white or anywhere in between dependent use of the lit space
  •         Scene setting which allows single or groups of fittings to be set to a specific state. A dining scene (1) whilst eating might need some lights over the table set to a higher level with lighting around the perimeter of the room set to low level
  •         Scheduling allows setting up of “holiday mode” actions where lights can be set to come on or go off at specific times of the day or night


Over several years, I have changed constant blowing of incandescent GU10 bulbs, this was caused by vibrations from the upstairs bedrooms, vibration to the light. The high power rating of the 60W x 6 bulbs burned out the dimmers switch every 8- 12 months, due to the power drain of 6 X 60 = 360 Watt draw of power. The Electricity cost alone on the lights was expensive.


The setup is standard in terms of download the ROBUS Connect App, register via text message & email address, note when connecting, use the only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.  To set up the GU10

 in the pairing mode, press the on and off button three time until the LED flashes, the luminaire will blink rapidly when in pairing mode.  Once set up as the default name of the GU10 Led, can be renamed to your choice of name.  The setup is the same as the Robus Plus Connect¸5M IP20 LED Stripkit.


Connect to the Amazon Alexa, (This unit does not need to be connected to a smart home but a great feature when done). Connecting to the Amazon Alexa required the use of an additional app – Smart Life Alexa skill and then via the Skills & Games. Again, the connection is easy when aware to use the Smart Life app.


An LED lamp is expensive:

This is a common comment I get;” I’m not getting an LED bulb as they are expensive and they all do the same job,  “

This is a short comparison done by Techbuzz on the cost of the use of the LED

Comparison incandescent bulb Vs Robus Gu10 Connect The number of hours switched on per day. kWh per day Annual energy consumption (365 days on) kWh used *Utility rate 19.22 c/kWh (Charges Electricity prices per unit (cent per kWh) inc Vat The total cost of electricity for 1 year Cost per year to use the bulb
Incandescent bulb 60 Watt Light Bulb 6 0.36 365 131.4 19.22 €25.26 The Bulb costs €25.26 a year to run
Robus Gu10 Connect 5 Watt LED Bulb with 60W Light Output 6 0.03 365 10.95 19.22 €2.10 The Led   costs €2.10 a year to run




The brand is an Irish owned company, LED Group ROBUS which was founded in 1984 with their headquarters in Dublin, branch offices in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Guangzhou in China. The Dublin office inspires trust in terms of familiarity with local power supplies, local Wi-Fi frequencies and standards to ensure compatibility with our local technologies.



If you Ignore the green planet, green energy, the idea the Led bulb will last longer  ( Lamp Life  25000 Hrs at equivalent to 50W Halogen downlights ) due to the low heat emission,  the approx. cost  of €25.26 a year to run vs the  Robus GU10 Connect  €2.10  a year to run per year, The technology is cool, power on  / off via a standard switch, or the app, or Voice-controlled via the Alexa app. On the occasions getting into bed, did you switch off the lights, response Hey Alexa – switch off all lights, or when noise is heard downstairs in the middle on the night, the option to turn on 1 light or all light via your phone or via voice commands is genius.

Robus ethos is to create enduring products with low energy, low maintenance, which is certainly the case with their LED range. The Robus GU10 Connect is technology at its best, Cost saving, efficient for the planet, features to allow the LED to change the white colour from warm to daylight with the option to turn on / off via the app or voice control.  A simple product complimented by a Ireland  company using technology at its best and saving money.


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