The Robus Plus Connect is a LED light strip that connects to an app on the phone allowing the led to be controlled allowing light to be turned off remotely and varied in colour. The packaging from Robus is bright giving clear specification, 3-year warranty, Wi-Fi, voice-controlled, compatible with Amazon Alexa and google assistant.  


Product Specifications:

Total Power (W):          23

Luminous Flux (lm):     1,360-1,580

Lamp Life (Hrs):             30,000

Number of LEDs:           120 / meter

CRI:    90

CCT (K): 2700-6500

Width (mm):  10

Length (mm): 5,000

Height (mm): 2.5

Weight (Kg):   0.4


Note the Lamp Life is rated as 30,000 Hrs, as compared to a typical incandescent bulb which only lasts 1,000 to 2,000 hours, The led comes with an impressive 3-year warranty.



  •         Smart device enabled, works with iOS and Android via the ROBUS CONNECT App
  •         Connects with Amazon Alexa and Google Home via Wi-Fi with no need for a hub
  •         Smooth control of the light colour between 2700K and 6500K
  •         5m roll of Flexi strip light
  •         Strip can be cut every 6 LEDs
  •         Each kit c/w Wi-Fi controller, driver, flex and 3M double-sided tape for easy installation



The brand is an Irish owned company, LED Group ROBUS which was founded in 1984 with their headquartered in Dublin, branch offices in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Guangzhou in China. The Dublin office inspires trust in terms of familiarity with local power supplies, local Wi-Fi frequencies and standards to ensure compatibility with our local technologies.

 Safety Standards & Approvals:

Complies with: EN60598-1, EN55015, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 62493, EN61547, EN 62471 


The setup is standard in terms of download the ROBUS Connect App, register via text message & email address, note when connecting,  use the only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.  To set up the Led strip in the pairing mode, press and hold the reset button for >5 seconds. Alternatively, if the switch is inaccessible, turn on for 10 seconds, turn off – on – off – on – off – on. The luminaire will blink rapidly when in pairing mode.  In the background of the app the IP address, Mac address, time zone, Wi-Fi strength is available for those of a technical nature but not required for most installations.

Once set up as the default name of the Flexi-strip, this can be renamed to your choice of name.

The 3M double-sided can be used to stick on to walls, ceilings as required and cut to length.


Once connected:

The Led can be turned on / off via the wall socket, button on the cable or via the smartphone alternatively use of the App.  The light can be set to change colour (also with sound) as adjusted to brightness low to high. The app has a variety of default setting for the colour and brightness. A new setting can be saved on the app to your mood of lighting.  A scene in the app can be set up which connects various products which can be connected in various rooms as required. The colours choices are limited in the led but sufficient for a limited variety.

The Robus GLS Connect smart bulb.


Connect to the Amazon Alexa, (This unit does not need to be connected to a smart home but a great feature when done). Connecting to the Amazon Alexa required the use of an additional app – Smart Life Alexa skill and then via the Skills & Games. Again, the connection is easy when aware to use the Smart Life app.



The quality of the product is excellent with a 3-year warranty and a led life of over 30 thousand hours which alone is impressive. The IP rating may give a false impression as IP20  which is merely a touch by fingers / able to withstand basic touch and rudimentary dust protection, The kit has an excellent  Safety Standards &  list of Approvals which calls out the standard “ Electrical products can cause death or injury, or damage to property” I suspect the 12 Volt, 3 amp would be safer than most Christmas tree lights which can be fitted as DIY easily with minimum electrical knowledge.  Robust ethos is to create enduring products with low energy, low maintenance, which is certainly the case with this product.  My favourite features are not the warranty, led life the colours of the LED. Cost-saving from the lower power drain, but the smart home feature to connect directly to the Amazon Alexa enduring the home is smart. This is a product that once viewed by friends and family is on their wish list, a product that stands out for the right reasons, impressive.

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