Business has played a key role throughout the evolution of history. Merchants, salesman, and businessman have been around, and transacting for hundreds of years. As the times have changed, and evolved, so has business through the evolution of technology. As more and more new technologies have been created and developed, business has been at the forefront, trying to figure out various ways, strategies, and methods to move their businesses and companies along with it. Whether it’s been minor or major advancements, businesses have kept at the forefront of technological evolution by adapting and adjusting their businesses to new technologies.


One of the fundamental concepts and beliefs of a business is to find more ways to be more efficient and effective in its operations. Whether that means new systems, new products, new services, or new operations, technology is something that’s closely connected to business. Finding various ways to rise above their competition and fight for business, businesses have been motivated to be at the forefront of technological evolution, to service the ever-changing needs of their customers, and to explore new products, features, and services as they become available.


Years ago, people were focused on the basics and the essentials. They had to find ways to get food, shelter, water, and a way to make ends meet. The objectives were staying alive, finding what to eat, and having a way to make money. Since then, as times have changed, and the needs and desires of people have changed as well, so have the businesses and companies who provide them with goods and services.


Technology’s Influence on Consumption

As technology has advanced, and as civilization has advanced with it, the products and services consumed have changed as well. Customers have gone from needing a milk person, to needing a supermarket filled with multiple different options, multiple different brands, and different ways of even cultivating the food. 


Technology and technological advancements have allowed people to become more specific and pickier about what they choose to consume. Because of the new technologies and advancements in farming, cropping, and manufacturing, you’re able to get several different types of each good, a selection of multiple different brands, and many different ways

It’s much more common to find someone who’s a software engineer, than someone who’s a blacksmith. Back in the old days, a blacksmith was high in demand because people needed the goods he produced. Today, software engineers are high in demand, because people are using computer and other electronics on an everyday basis, and in many areas of life.

It’s incredible to see the way the world has changed, the way society has become, and the way people have changed, as technology has enabled people to have larger selections, easier accessibility, and a wider availability of common goods and services. 


Businesses Evolving with Technology

One of the key and early adopters of technology has been businesses and companies. In almost every field, finance, medicine, media, law, manufacturing, and many more, technology has influenced their business in one way or another. Whether it’s the finances, the infrastructure, the operations, technology has influenced almost every business and industry there is. As technology has progressed, and new electronics, applications, and devices have been created, businesses and companies have been at the forefront, trying to figure out various ways to apply them to their businesses and their bottom lines.


Corporations have used technology to help them increase production, to cut costs, and to enhance their operations. One of the major revolutions within technology in the last fifty years, has been the computer. The computer has been incorporated into almost every single aspect of business in one way or another. The amount of time computers have been able to save and the number of tasks it’s been able to complete, has revolutionized the way business has been conducted. 


Another important technological revolution has been the mobile phone. The mobile phone has enabled people to conduct and do business anywhere they are. In the beginning, being able to reach anyone and anywhere was incredibly powerful. As time progressed, mobile phones developed into smart phones, which now have similar capabilities to that of personal computers. With a variety of different applications, software’s, and uses, smart phones have become key pieces of technology when it comes to business. Businesses have had to make sure their applications, websites, and platforms are mobile friendly, as more and more of the world goes to their mobile devices to find the answers they need and make their purchase decisions.

The Way Marketing Has Changed

As more and more of society has spent time in the digital world, whether it’s on their phones, e-mails, or computers, marketers have followed. In the old days, marketing was in newspapers, on radio, on television, and on billboards. Nowadays, consumers see advertisements and marketing campaigns in lots of different places, especially online.

Digital Marketing has been a place where lots of companies and brands have flocked to market their products and get the attention of their desired audience. By moving online, their able to direct their marketing towards their target markets and have more of an opportunity to get prospective customers to purchase through their online platforms.

With the changes in marketing, the way companies have measured the success of their marketing campaigns has changed as well. The metrics and analytics behind every marketing success has been changed to clicks, conversions, and impressions. A lot of what business analysts do, in regard to marketing, is to try and analyze the success of the campaign by seeing how successful it was, the amount of awareness it generated, and the type of leads or sales it generated for the company advertising.


Technology’s role within business has been incredibly important over its evolution. Business is heavily driven by the ability to produce goods and services cheaper, or at more competitive prices than its competition. 


Advancements in technology has given more and more opportunity to the consumer. As a result of technology, consumers have gained bigger selections, more choices within brands, and easier availability to the goods and services they’ve needed. The more and more technology has become integrated with society, companies have had to follow and meet the demands and needs of their customers. 


The way businesses have operated their operations, has changed with technology as well. Companies have been able to cut costs, increase efficiencies, and find new ways to increase revenue as a result of technology. It’s encouraged companies to shift their businesses to digital platforms, and to attract them through digital mediums. The way companies have marketed their products and services has changed along with technology and moved into digital mediums. Digital Marketing has become an increasingly important part of any companies marketing strategy, and a vital way to attract customers to their businesses. 

All in all, business and technology have been interconnected to each throughout their history and evolution.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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