Review – The Targus Cypress laptop sleeve with EcoSmart. #Targus #Laptops

Over the years I have done many laptop bags but never a laptop sleeve nor ever owned one until now. Laptop bags/sleeve are a must have for those who travel with them and they are also a must have even for the home. A simple form of protection that will keep your product safe and sound even whilst sitting around the house.

Just like a mobile phone case you simply put your device in and job done really but these are made with recycled materials which a route many manufacturers are taking these days and there is no compromise in the product itself either.


Made from recyclable materials on the inside and out. Using fabric woven from 5 recycled plastic water bottles, the 15.6” Cypress Sleeve with EcoSmart® is thoughtfully designed to protect your laptop while also protecting the environment. Slim and lightweight, this sleeve protects your laptop, while being wrapped up in sleek and sophisticated eco-conscious material.

The sleeve itself has a nice texture to it and feels robust and will last with two zippers that meet and nice padding on the inside, Overall this should last you years and is easy to maintain to, If you happen to own any of the range of laptop bags they will also fit into those too which gives you more security and protection, check out the video below for more and see the range on offer from Targus.


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