Review Redo. The Podsbay i500 TWS. #Podsbay #Tech #TrueWireless

Following on from the i200 TWS from Podsbay the i500 TWS are a more expensive pair of earbuds from the company and like the i200 TWS people have been asking about these, As mentioned before the company has several pairs in its portfolio and you would find it hard to distinguish the difference between them as the all look the same but the internals differ which is why there is several price points at hand. these again like to i200 TWS offer some more when it comes to features and have been working fine still as if opened yesterday, The i500 though offer some extra features for the price like GPS iCloud sync and better battery life.

Like the i200 TWS this has been my account on how they performed and held up and this does not reflect anyone else, check them out if you are on a budget over HERE

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