Review redo. Podsbay i200 TWS. How are they holding up. #Tech #Podsbay #TrueWireless

I have been asked multiple times on how some of my products have held up over the last few months and in particular in the true wireless earbuds area. One company in particular popped up quite often which is Podsbay who is a company that offer clones on the cheap, I have several pairs from this company and there is a bigger concern out there with other companies selling a similar product but fake and I will be discussing this on a later post as I am waiting for some to arrive from these and I have some here today.

The i200 TWS and the i500 TWS from Podsbay is what we will be talking about today the i500 TWS will have a separate video. The i200 TWS are the cheaper of the two and there is cheaper models again from the same company and obviously you get a little less when you pay less and the same applies here with the i200 TWS and the i500 TWS which cost a bit more than the i200 TWS.

So have they held up? In short yes they have and work as is when I first got them, I tend to rotate my earbuds during testing and let them all die then charge them up again as I go along so they all get fair usage across the board, Over time they will be put away as I tend to keep some in rotation that is current and eventually box some off as there is many true wireless earbuds passing through and I dont want them lying around all over the place.

These have held up well since I got them with all features still working as form day one,they hold their charge and all the features still work as is with no issues on my end, so rest assured these are fine, this is in my personal experience and does not reflect those of others and as most know if there is an issue I will call any company out be it here or on social if there is a problem with the product or I suspect something is up. So you can check these out over at

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