Review – CLCKR Phone stand and grip. #CLCKR #Tech

Phone cases are a must in my book and rightly so especially when you have an expensive device and there is plenty to pick from in all shapes and sizes however having a case with additional functionality is another matter and this product from CLCKR is one to look out for, Given there is similar ideas out there like attachments you can add to your phone which CLCKR also does this idea incorporates both making it an all in one kit to not only make using your device more safe but it ads more to it than that by protecting it and being able to use it in portrait or landscape mode without having the remove the case itself and is a neat idea.

As you can see this gives you more functionality than you would get from your typical mobile phone case and makes life that bit easier and will still fully protect your device, check out the video below for more and you can see the full range over at

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