Redison, the French startup company that specialises in connected music, announces its latest app update – Senstroke 2.0. Available on iOS and Android the app works with the Senstroke music sensors to provide extra features to drummers who want to play anywhere, on anything.

Senstroke are the first Bluetooth enabled sensors for percussionists that allow drummers to reproduce the movements and impacts of authentic drumsticks as well as the footwork of a real drum kit. The Senstroke sensors allow amateur and professional drummer to practice their scales anywhere.

The latest app now includes a new play feature ideal for beginners – the learning mode. This mode allows users to have an in-app lessons as they play with a drum track that scrolls across the screen to aid learning. Users can practice being in sync with the drums and are then given a score at the end of the performance. Drummers can keep returning to the tracks to improve their skills.

Ready, get set, play

The Senstroke 2.0 application features an improved playing system allowing users to set up and be drumming quicker than before. Drummers can choose between a pre-configured drum layout to get going straight away or customise the kit to suit their needs.

In addition to this the app allows users to change the drum kit: simple snare drum, basic or complete kit, it’s now easy to create a drum kit that suits you and change it as needed.

A new pairing screen

When you connect a Senstroke sensor to the application in version 2.0, the pairing of the sensor has been improved to provide a more ergonomic set up.

A new setting screen now allows users to change the sensitivity of the sensors according to individual playing style.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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