First look and detailed walk through of the emporia smart 3 mini. #emporia #tech #emporiasmart3mini

With a saturated market today in mobile we have never had a better choice when it comes to picking up a smartphone at any price-point. All this is well and good but when it comes to smartphones for the older generation we have problems. The older generation like things simple and with the majority of today’s phones they are convoluted in my opinion leaving it a difficult task for the older generation to find their way through the menus and so on..


Doro would be a brand most people are familiar with and recently Nokia have released some devices that aim to either detox the overuse of phones or give older people a chance to get familiar with feature phones emporia does this too and is dedicated to give these people an option in many form factors but with ease of use.

I feel that more and more of the older generation want to get into the connected world though as mentioned above the typical smartphone is just to complicated for them and one look at one and they put it down this is where this company differs and will offer people to migrate to a smartphone with ease and there is several levels to pick from which then enables the user to move up a gear or two once they become familiar and simplicity is a key factor here for that to serve its purpose. Today we take a first look and walk through the UI on this device and its features and we will be testing it out over the coming weeks so feel free to show your family or friends this new entrant to the Irish market and if you have any questions feel free to ask as always and we will gladly answer.


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